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Day 4 on Champix

Hi everyone,

Day 4 on Champix. This morning nearly decided to stop taking it.....felt really bad yesterday, but had lots of encouragement from the forum and going to stick with it. Had my morning pill, feel ok and kind of excited about soon being a non-smoker, but then again I'm still smoking and still wanting to. Why don't I just stop today????

It's stupid. Anyway I think my quit date is next Tuesday (day 9) so hopefully Champix will help me next week.

Thanks for listening

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hi elizabeth just posted on youre day 3 post ,hope it helps,let me know how youre getting on ,im a newbie too :)


Hi Mrs Wills

Thank you your reply this morning (see day 3) and your encouragement has helped me to get back on track.

Feel ok today.

Things for me to remember..

1. Live in the present

2. I have stopped smoking before so can do it

3. If you keep doing the same thing you get the same result...(eg smoking 'til the day I die!)

.. SO must give Champix a chance!

Hope you're ok?


I've found since stopping smoking (4th day without fags) the side effects of champix have all but disappeared - no more nausea etc so keep with it x


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