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How Stupid was I Quit date 28/9/2011

After doing so well and not having smoked for 2.5 years I started again 1 year ago. What happened was and I know this will sound stupid I was rushed into hospital with a heart problem, I already had a pacemaker. Well anyway they fixed me up my heart had gone out of sync so they stopped my heart and restarted it using the paddles my heart was corrected on the 3rd attempt. I arrived home feeling very vulnerable, and after all that time the nickodeamon called and said to me if your going to die you may as well have a cigarette and of course I stupidly listened. Well a year later and £2000 less in my pocket I am still hear. After being diagnosed with diabetes 2 my Doctor told me 1 of the complications can be amputation of a leg or toes or maybe a foot I also have poor circulation in my legs and if I want to keep them I MUST STOP SMOKING.

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Thank you

Oh dear, I wish you all the luck in the world. God knows at our age it isn't easy but it can be done. obviously read all you can and and rant on here if necessary. Think of losing a limb, it happened to my stepfather and it is so cruel in later years. You have quit before and you can now. also think of the money you can save, the nasty smell you wont have , the patronising doctors who have never smoked, and lastly the grandchildren you have that will realise that you gave up smoking in time (i think I read that you have granchildren). This is a brilliant forum to give support just take all you can get. GO x:)

Thanks for the good wishes Wednesday is D DAY


Good luck for tomorrow Viv. Hope that it goes ok for you.


Good Luck for today Viv

I am keeping everything crossed for you.

I know you can do it

Lingy :)


good luck for today.

i stopped for over 2 years and stupidly started having a smoke when i had a drink, i wasn't a heavy smoker and drank very rarely however i soon wanted a glass of wine each night (which i didn't drink) just so i could use the excuse " that i enjoyed a cig when i had a drink"! who was i kidding?

finally made the decision to be a quitter again and now i am on day 11.

going out at the weekend but i am prepared to resist any cravings, i'll look after the drinks and bags while my friends pay a lot of money to smell foul and freeze outside!

i love feeling smug :)


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