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I'm well into my third week after quitting with Champix. I am tolerating the Champix well and not having many cravings.

I haven't quite been able to put my finger on a "symptom" until this evening. While watching a film, the silliest little thing was making me jump - it would set my heart racing, I'd feel sweaty - I was a nervous wreck by the end of the film at it was only Pirates of the Caribbean 4!

So... these inappropriate adrenaline rushes (well, it feels like that - the same feeling as the one where you slip on the stairs but somehow manage not to fall)... has anyone experienced anything similar?

I don't know whether to put it down to the Champix or lack of Nicotine.

Has anyone experienced anything similar, or can anyone shed any light on why a grown up would be scared of Pirates of the Caribbean 4? (Apart from the dire plot! ;) )

Thanks in advance! :)

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im in the same boat, quit cold turkey, am on my third week and of work aswell for this week, really struggling ,craving really badly in mornings , im very irritable , angry almost , have to much energy , just finding it really hard, this is definately the hardest time for me the first two weeks werent to bad, i was a very heavy smoker 50 to 60 a day , and smoked since i was 14 , im 37 now so its like cutting one of my arms of , it has to get better:mad:


Could just be quitting in general, I'm on NRT but finding I'm suddenly very jumpy when OH is driving, I feel as if every car is going to pull out on us and I'm usually quite a relaxed passenger!

Perhaps previously I was too busy smoking to notice the other traffic though ;)


Don't know that I can help much on this one Cathy - but well done for getting this far.

Not sure that fear of pirates is listed on the Champix advisory note, but ultimately, it is a mind altering drug which seems to have sparked just about every other emotion, so it wouldn't surprise me.

I would steer clear of Peter Pan - it may push you over the edge!


Sorry Cathy, I too am at a loss to say whether it is the Champix.

I am a jumpy person anyway so nothing really changed for me. I know how you feel about being a passenger I have those same issues :eek:. My OH has a go at me or laughs depending on his mood. I also jump at films, but then I think they put things in you don't expect to appear to make you jump. Its not being scared it's just seeing something unexpected.

Well done on keeping going though you are doing really well.



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