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Champix - Day 13-14

Hey all,

My next post will be on to another weeks forum...yay.

No smokes in 2 days...only 3 since last Fri...have opened up my first of the 5 extra packs of Champix.

I feel great. If you are reading through posts wanting to quit but dont know if you can do it, try Champix. I went out shopping last night by myself, and i'm not gonna say I didnt want a smoke, but it wasnt enough to make me go and buy some. It was jsut that little thing in ithe back of my mind saying "You are alone, have a smoke". I went past all of the stores and went staright to Costco. Awesome feeling.

I am taking it now, on the advice of friends on here, in the middle of my meal and that has stopped the upset stomach feeling i was getting. still tastes great, almost better without the smokes. We have a street party Sat I'll be drinkin beer smoke free...

I cant tell you how high my motivation is right now.

I was thinking about it...and i have saved on or about $100 already...cripes...$100??? And i dont cough as much in the morning...crazy...really when you think about it, its nuts why we have done it. I'm gonna treat my wife and daughter to dinner tonight, they deserve it too. My daughter is proud of me for taking "my vitamins" every day. I never smoked around her so I told her they were vitamins.

Anyways...this forum is the place to let out all these emotions that you go through trying to break this addiction.

I love you all for llistening!

Thanks for reading


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Great post Samartel, well done on the 14days and good luck going into week three.



Hi Samartel

Well done to you.

Have a lovely weekend. Enjoy the party :D

Lingy :)


Thanks guys.

The party was great. Still smoke free!!



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