No Smoking Day
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So surprised!

Wow I actually got through day one and here into day two! To be honest I wasn't really expecting to make it cos I haven't gone 24 hours without a smoke since I had ankle surgery a few years ago, and I usually crack up in the evenings as I can't face the thought of going all night without a ciggie. Didn't feel too bad yesterday. Been craving quite a bit today though. Think its time to put a new patch on! And get something nice to eat!

So one hour at a time for the rest of the day, and hope to be in day three tomorrow :D

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So glad to see that you got through your first day and you're getting thorugh your second! You're deifnitely doing the right thing by taking it hour by hour. Getting something ncie to eat is also a good idea (gets hungry :p)


Thanks Tombo, struggled a bit today but it is too late to get any cigarettes tonight now so am safe till tomorrow am!! Am gonna have a late night fish finger sandwich would you believe - disgusting I know but nice :D


Fish Finger sandwich sounds like EPIC WIN to me!

Make carrot sticks or something (I get unsalted nuts) to nibble on....I mean litterally nibble like a teeny weeny 6' 3" bunny wabbit.

Just seems to keep the jaw and hands active. I nibble when I think I may have a craving and not when a craving far day 25 and I haven't had what I could call a craving.


Whoa if I saw a 6' 3" bunny wabbit I would wonder what it had been eating :eek:

Cucumber sticks are nice too with a bit of houmous. And I keep fancying marmite on toast. Anything to take my mind off smoking. Struggling a bit (well a lot) more today :( don't know why. But at least I am past the 48 hour mark so I can count myself as being in day 3 now yaay :D


Yay for you! I've moved on to eating pretty much anything....except badgers


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