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Champix Advice Needed

Hi All

I have been on Champix for over six weeks, and haven't smoked for a month. The non-smoking bit hasn't been too bad at all, and I am feeling very confident about not going back to it. My problem is that I am getting really fed up with the side-effects of the Champix - not sleeping properly, aches and pains etc, etc.

I am thinking about cutting one of my tablets in half each day to reduce the dosage a bit in the hope that this will help. Has anyone out there tried this? Did it help? Is it wise?

I don't want to put my quit at risk, but am feeling fed up with the fact that I felt better when I was smoking! I really want to start to feel some of the benefits!

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Thanks Una! It feels like a real judgement call at the moment. Champix really is a miracle and a nightmare in equal measure. I am sure that I wouldn't have got this far without it though.


Mrs T!

I was also suffering from side effects (depression) so I used to take one a day from week 6 and I just stopped taking it after 8 weeks. My sister did the same and we are both smoke free.

Good luck,

LA x


I am on day 6 of champix, and I have started smoking half what I used to. Your right its a nightmare and a dream all in one go! I feel like im floating half the time and people cant get any sense outta me lol xx


Hi Mrs T

I too stopped smoking whilst taking the Champix. I had my last cig on day 5 of taking them but then my last champix on day 12 due to side effects. I am still smoke free now but wanted to say that when i went from the .5mg to 2 x 1 mg per day i stayed with just 1 x 1mg per day because i personally felt i did not need it.

The side effects i had were quite bad but look at me now i am still free so in all reality the pros outweigh the cons.

Anyhow good luck hun as your doing amazingly :)



Thank you all for your responses. For the last two days, I have been cutting the second tablet in half, and so far, haven't seen any changes in either my craving or the horrible side effects. I think I'll give it another week like this, then cut down a bit more again.

What I wouldn't give for a decent night's sleep. BUT - a month of no smoking has to make it all worthwhile, huh? On balance, I still think it has been worth it.


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