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Hi all, my mum has been quit now for just short of 4 weeks using champix. She has been suffering with a pain in her chest/back which she thinks is her lung and thinks it is phlegm. She's been to the docs 4 times, each time they said her lungs are clear and that it is the recovery from stopping smoking. Problem is she is worrying about it and its getting her down.

She smoke for 40 years and is 54 now. Have any of you heard of this type of symptom before??? Is there anything she can do?:confused:

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Good on your mum for quitting.

Some coughing and discomfort is normal, and if she's been coughing a lot then it could be strain to the intercostal muscles that's causing the pain. However, if she's worried and distressed and the pain has been going on for a long time then she has every right to insist on a referral for a chest x-ray, at the very least to set her mind at rest. Her GP should have the sense to take these things seriously and if they refuse, seek a second opinion. She shouldn't have to live with that kind of anxiety or persistent pain, even if the GP doesn't think it's anything serious.

Hope this helps xx

Thanks for your replies. She is getting herself into a state over it, thinking its something serious. She's only coughing a bit with a bit of plegm. The doc says its just her lungs recovering, but she is a worrier. I think she should request an x ray just to put her mind at rest xx Thanks again:o

Hi JJ,

Well done to your mum. I am with helsbelles in getting your mum to request a chest x-ray. It will put her mind to rest. We are all different in the early stages of a quit. Some cough like a good 'un getting rid of all the rubbish. I, who have copd find I don't cough at all. Everyone is different. For the sake of an xray to put your mums mind at rest is a small price to pay. She can then continue her quit happy in the knowledge that there is nothing nasty lurking.

A GP at my surgery told me I had no chest infection after suffering for weeks before I went. Left it another week, went back, got referred for chest xray, result - chest infection :mad:

My lung function test last year said I had a lung age of 97 :( I am 50. My chest x-ray did'nt tie up with my lung test :rolleyes:

Get your mum for an x-ray to check no matter what the gp's say and I hope she will continue with her quit happy in the knowledge she is doing the right thing for her xxxx

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