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Nearly the end of day 4 - a bit calmer

On the patches and losenges . Breaking the mind mapping links still difficult . However I am a bit better as yesterday I went out in the car - to just drive to nowhere ! I was totally disorientated - no focus ! I came back home and no milk or bread ! So today I said 'okay hit me with the best you've got - you nicotine devil and I will still get better and ride through it ' I just remember I am a nicotine drug addict and coming off it is not going to be a day at the beach ! However teh big high as going for a shower ,smelling great and walking into the Dentist confident that I smell good and no lingering smoky smells in my mouth -.

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Day 5 now and feeling it ! Perhaps the holiday weekend and a bit down . Also tonight strong cravings -even to point of having a wee cry !


Have a good cry if that is what you feel, better than a fag in your nouth. Cry, scream, do whatever, just don't have that 'just one' there is no such thing. Ride it out, it will soon pass and you will feel so much stronger & smugger for having done it. Nicodemon? He is nothing, you CAN beat him.

Gaynor x


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