No Smoking Day
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Day 3 Non smoking/ On Champix 10 days now

Hi Everyone,

Day 3 for me, it is exactly 48 hours 30 mins since I last had a cigerette. I cant believe I have done this so far, I was a complete addict. Ie having one first thing in the morning, after meals etc, smoked for 25 years , 20-25 a day.

I am feeling so bloated on these tablets they are giving me really sore tummy's on and off and this week has been the worst with that, the cravings really have not been so bad at all, I am surprised but the association to my habit has and is the hardest so far. Still looking for my cigerettes, ashtray, lighter and they are not there. I dont miss buying cigerettes that is for sure and so far I have saved £19 by not smoking.

I am thinking that I should be smoking because thats what I do and I cant remember "me" not smoking (I started when I was 21). I just keep telling myself the benefits of stopping and so far it has stopped me from going to buy them.

My chest is still tight and I am now coughing more as well, believe it or not I think I am wheezing more than I have ever noticed i did when I smoked, what is that all about.

I dont miss smoking outside in the rain, wind etc and having people look at me as if I came from mars.



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