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Champix/my symptoms

Hi All Quitters and Quitters to be,

I just wanted to let you all know what I have experienced to date while being on Champix.I have taken them for 9 days and my quit day was my 8th day so I havent had a cigerette for 33 hours now. ! Yippeee.

Since taking Champix, I have felt nausea, absolutely bloated, tummy craps which have been quite painful and wind as well. I have also been tired but when I do sleep I am having really vivid dreams and it is harder to waken up as well its like being in a DEEP DEEP sleep.

Over the course of the first week while still smoking as the days were going by it was harder to smoke because the tablets were making me feel yuk when I did and definately made them taste differant. I have felt sick at times as well, I only had 5 cigerettes on Satuday (5th day on tablets) because each time I had one I just wanted to to be sick and it made me feel guilty even having one as well.

So far I would say that the cravings have been less than I ever expected them to be, I have had a couple of bad ones though, just after my dinner and also in the morning as well, but I have just went and done other things and its went away. Overall I am surprised at how much I am not craving one, its the habit of what I used to do ie lighter, ashtray, packet of ciggies and use my hands which I actually think that is the worst part to crack at the moment.

I dont even like taking headache tablets so for me to go to the doctors for Champix was huge, I doubt I could do it cold turkey and I also did not want nicotine replacement therapy as I dont see the point in keeping nicotine going in when you actually want to quit.

So I will see how it goes, I have been smoking for 25 years (2-25) a day and I would class myself as an addict. I needed one first thing in the morning, after every meal and also having a cuppa etc. I cant believe I havent had one for 33 hours so I am sticking to it to see what happens.




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Well done Linda!! Champix has worked really well for me. Haven't had a ciggy since 17/1 and finished my Champix last Saturday - I cut down to 1 tablet a day for the last couple of weeks. I would recommend having something to eat like a banana before your morning tablet - makes the nauseous feeling go away more quickly. In the evening I would wait til after my meal - just sitting quietly also helped - just hoping (as is my husband) that the wind will now pass :D


I think Champix is defo doing it for me, feel kind of eeky at times with it, almost if I think of a ciggie this horrible taste sensation comes in and reminds me even if I have one it will taste vile now.

I am going onto my second pack of champix this week and the doctor hasnt said to me how long I should be on them etc.

Have you put any weight on ? Did the tablets make you feel bloated, they are with me and I can so relate to the wind as well its like O M G !

Well done on your quit your doing amazingly well. Look at the money you have saved already .

I will try eating before the tablets in the morning

Thanks again !


Hi Linda - yes bloatedness and wind have been a bit of a problem all the time i've been on Champix - but I keep telling myself it's better than smoking (even my husband agrees) !! Have kept off green veg and brown bread which does seem to have helped lessen the bloated feeling - Activia yoghurt helps too!!

I didn't put on any weight for the first few weeks, I think it may have had something to do with the nausea I was experiencing. Now I've put on a bit and my apetite is better - I think my taste buds are now alive for the first time in many years:).

I would complete the recommended 12 weeks on Champix - they say that there's a much better success rate if you do the 12 weeks. I am lucky in that I have good support from my GP and I see him once a month - I think that after so many years of trying to persuade me to give up he's determined to keep me off the dreaded weed!!



Talien, sorry forgot to thank you for the ginger bear lolly tip (will be going to Australia in June as my daughter lives there and is due to give birth mid-June:D - so will stock up if these lollies are Australian!!) Good luck with the Champix!!


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