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Day 2

Hi Everyone,

This is my 2nd day of not smoking, (27 hours actually !) lol I have been taking champix for 7 days before I stopped, my quit day was my 8th day of taking champix. I have a tight chest today and definately bloated on these tablets.

It was a huge decision to do this, 25 years of being a smoker (25 a day) and I just feel that I am getting older now and should stop, not to mention the fact that a packet of cigerettes is costing £6.00+ which is getting to the silly stage now. How bad is that !

I am having sleepless nights but when I do sleep I am having vivid dreams but that is champix and it is what is expected. I would say they are helping with cravings, I dont know what to do with my hands though and when I have a cuppa or after dinner I am still looking for my cigerettes which obviously are not there now.

So hopefully keep fingers crossed that I can keep going, I got rid of all my ashtrays and lighters, cigerettes were all done and I have none in the house from the night before my quit day.

Do you know I cant even remember me when I was a non smoker (I started when I was 21).

I am going to buy a stress ball I think, oh and I have bought a hundred weight of suger free mints. (my teeth will fall out) ! I cant chew gum though so thats a bummer !

Any support is greatly received.



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hey well done Linda - I had my day two yesterday and it was a little rough - day three seems a tad better!

very best of luck in your quit

always best wishes



HI Linda

AT LAST someone else who started in their 20's! I was 24.:o What idiots were we eh?!

best of luck with thw quit. Read everything you can, snack on anything and don't worry about the weight, that will go with time - quoting my Doctor from this morning (love the man... now where's that chocolate).

You can do this, so best of luck, and keep posting!:D


Day 9 on champix Day 2 of Quit Smoking

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for that, I was at the local shops today, and I was buying bread, milk etc and normally I took it over to the cigerette counter and pay for it all at once and while I was scanning at the normal checkout I looked over and seen all these packets of cigerettes staring at me, God ! what a nightmare. I just keep telling myself it will be worth it in the end. Instead of Paying £10 for shopping (inc cigerettes I paid £3.90 so that has to be motivation to keep me going.

Think I definately need champix to block it out though, I opted not to do cold turkey !

Good luck to you and stay positive ! We will beat this.



Thanks for that,

Its so good to know there are other people out there who understand what it is like. I live with a non smoking husband and 2 non smoking teenagers who are all anti-smokers which has been hard going, they have moaned at me so much over the years but I am doing this on my own terms and when I feel its right time for me.

What idiots we were, your right at starting so late on, (I did not even try it at school, I started when I was working, nightmare) !

Your doing really well, keep it up.

hopefully it gets better in time.

I think champix is bloating me like the rolly polly

Going to get a cuppa without a ciggie




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