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Day 22 - goodbye week 3

Just a quick update, made it through 3 weeks, tough one yesterday but cannot bear the thought of failure now :eek:

So whats changed for me in 3 weeks:

1. I smell great, even if I do say so myself.

2. Cheese has a disgusting after taste

3. Coffee smells absolutely amazing

4. I can smell a smoker at 50 paces, they are everywhere !

5. I only use my ventolin inhaler once a day rather than 7 or 8 which would make the cigs easier :eek:

6. I dont wake in the night wheezing or gagging for air

7. I dont have a cough

8. I have energy, been out running!!:D

9. I dont stand out in the rain on the street corner throughout the day on a fag break

10. I dont spend every ad break running to the dining room "for a quick puff"

11. Im not constantly worried when I can have my next fag, have I got enough to last til morning, what if my lighter runs out etc etc.,

All these changes in 3 little weeks, I have smoked for 30 or more years, wish I had done it sooner

Good luck with your quit everyone

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Really well done Tracey.

Love the list, so true. I'm a few days behind you so following your progress closely and with hope and enthusiasm.

Inspiring. Thanks.


You have done so well, keep it up :)


I've also noticed since I quit that there are so many smokers about....they are everywhere!!


Congrats Tracey

I must say that I still do not mind the smell of fresh smoke..aaaahhhh, but stale nasty smoke on clothes, YUK.

I am glad that you are focused on positive. I am off to sniff myself and try a piece of cheese....have a wonderful evening and my heartiest CONGRATS again




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