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Here you are Fi

That’s it then 730 days since my last smoke, 23rd of February 2009. Been good since then, I’m a free man now (apart from being wed anyway) Stopped for myself and stayed stopped for myself too. Surprising how other people benefit from my quit too though. Mother-in-Law has been in hospital and instead of having to nip out for a smoke a couple of times she had me for a full hour (thrilling for me too). House smells sweeter, I smell sweeter and I don’t get little burn holes in my clothes now. I don’t think I’m so devious now because I’m not scheming to get some nicotine into me. I stopped smoking after a strange white furry creature grew on my tongue. Turned out it was “Lichen Planus” and “Mild Nuclear Atypia” and after biopsy was told it would be ok, but, if I didn’t stop smoking it would turn into cancer. Like the good boy I am, I stopped; bugger me, about nineteen months later it did turn into cancer. Had op and they dug it all out, pinched my last few gnashers though and it will be months and more surgery on my gums before I can even think of false teeth. Hasn’t stopped me eating as before though. About the only thing I have trouble with is bacon, have even tried salted nuts but got fed up of sucking. Found some smashing supportive people on here and proud to call them friends. Among the closest people to me on here aren’t even named friends but they know who they are, even though all is not well with them, they have still supported me, and, for that I’m grateful. I don’t care how long I’m smoke free, I don’t think I’ll ever feel better than I did when I lasted a full week without a smoke, and after having my first cigarette fifty three years earlier I realised I could stop. Told a member last night I wouldn’t post a saga but it’s turned out to be one so I’m off. Thanks to all who have supported me. David. xx

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CONGRATS DAVO!! So happy you came to join us in the two year club!! Well done my favorite toothless jokster, have a great day xxx


Ah. Token bloke. My very favorite and most bravest and grumpy of old men. You have been through alot and came out the other side a proper hero and I take my inspiration from you. I can't put into words how much i treasure our friendship and your unfailing support. Well done my old friend, you truly deserve it x


:DMorning Davo - huge congratulations - what else can be said? You are truly an inspirartion - enjoy this day!!


Hi there David,

I love this post, thank you so much for taking the time to write down something that I'm sure will inspire many.

So glad they managed to dig all the cancer out... how about putting bacon in a blender with brown sauce until you get your teeth?? :) The thought of that is making me hungry... aanyway...

Thanks for all of the support you've given me, it's truly appreciated



David, you've been through so much yet you still come on here every day to give us all a laugh. Well done x


Ah, my special friend, brilliant post.

Congratulaions on your two years, here is your favourite lady with her hair all done pretty and ready to go out to dinner with you.


Thank you for your funnies all year round as you know I am here every day to read them, wouldn't be the same without you.

Jackie xx


Well done David...2 years is cool :)


Happy Birthday Dave!

On behalf of myself and no doubt other "newbies", thank you for still being here to listen to us, encourage us, support us, educate us and most importantly, bloody well make us laugh!!!

Thank you Dave

she smiles broadly and curtsies, the look of admiration in her eyes


Well done David. :)

Cheers for the jokes, the timely reminder and the inspiration you give us all.

Rooting for you and hoping you get to munch your bacon sarney sooner rather than later.


Its not the days we managed quit

Its not the days we felt so sh1t

Its not because we felt we must

Its not the faith we had to trust

Its not because of lifes let downs

Its not because our facial frowns

Its all the friends we made on here

Its all the friends that gave good cheer

Its you that made it to this point

Its now two years without a joint (poetic Licence :rolleyes:)

Its you that made us smile the most

Its you that is the jokey host

I hope your life continues to be full of great days and that there are no more clouds on your horizone, sounds like a good idea!!! minced bacon, well why not it will taste the same.



A constant of the forum and one of the most regular of folk...more than that, a smile and an every day laugh which many, many folk have looked forward to in their daily visit.

It takes a lot to make a community and you are a very big lot in this community....not token whatsoever ;)

Congrats to your 2 years celebration :)

Keep on keepin' on,



Yippee! I haven't missed it! ;)

Dave - your're a great bloke and deserve all good things that come your way way.

Congratulations on your 2 years and please keep continue being one of major 'back bones' of this forum. The place simply would not be the same without you.

Thank you for all the support and laughs you give!

Have some blended bacon and peanuts on me :D

Luv & hugs

Tinks xx


Thank you all for your good wishes, enough to bring a tear to a glass eye. Had to read them all a couple of times to see who you were all talking about.

Just wait till I get some dentures Bells, I’ve told the Odontologist I want to look like Donny Osmond. My lovely old Fi, you’ve got me sussed, grumpy indeed. Don’t believe you for a minute Karri, that’ll be the day when you don’t know what to say.

Thanks to you John and Rachel for the wishes and I will try to carry on.

Smashing picture of Sue Jackie thanks. Taking her out Saturday night but don’t tell Hazel. Thanks to you too KK.

Thanks bbbreezy and if you must curtsy I think you can all start calling me Sir.

Tell that Fiona about the token Cav, she only let me join the group because I was the token bloke, and thanks for your post.

Now to the nitty gritty, bacon sarnies from Looper, minced bacon and verse from Jamangie, blended bacon and peanuts from you dear Tinks and the most mouth watering from you Sofia, bacon in a blender with brown sauce, or Branston.

Seriously though (yes I can be serious) thank you all for taking the time to post for me. Love, David. xxx


Congrats Wor Davo - the token

Thats a grand quit there Davo and for the only reasons too!

Cancer is a pesky bugger, turning up when it shouldn't.

Re the salted nut thing, how were dry roasted?

Peanut butter sandwiches could be an answer, with a glass of cold milk. You could just put a dollop of peanut butter in a blender with the milk, maybe add a banana.

Donny Osmond - urgghhhhhhhhhhh



To a grand man, you have made me and many others laugh so many times when we didn't think we could. You have made my quit possible, thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Thanks M for that but dry roasted would be a bit too dry and I prefer the suggestion from Sofia still.

You may talk a bit Karri, but it's sensible.

Thanks to you too Bev, another one along with M who has supported me with many others. xxx


Apologies for the tardi lateness David, but huge warm congrats on your two years and three days.

*pops a door-step crust free egg and bacon mayo with daddies sarnie in the post .... and some gummy bears for afters ;) *

Have a wonderful weekend and a third year smoke free with continued good health.

Pol xx


Apologies for the tardi lateness David,


Well done you, and well can't think of anything clean to say about sucking nuts so I'll say nothing at all. :rolleyes:

Keep up the great work,



Thanks Pol and Nic, appreciated. Your eats suggestion is on a par with the one from Sofia Pol. What could you mean about sucking nuts Nic?


Wow David, that was some post.

I am inspired and humbled, well done mate.

Shred your bacon, fry it up and put it in a softie with some marmalade, best buttie you will ever taste, or your money back.

Keep up the good work (and dont tell anyone else about the buttie, Im going to patent it) ;)


Thanks for that Tia, very tempting I must say, might have to tell my wife about it. I see your weight is coming down, well done. They wont let me try to lose weight yet.


Awwwwwww David, sorry I wasn't around to congratulate you on the day but am doing so now.


You are always here for us come what may and your messages & support to me wherever I am in a quit have meant so much.

This forum would be a much sadder place without you.

Lots of love, Gaynor xxxx


You should know you have no need to apologise G, you were there to support me all the time and I appreciate it. Thanks love. David. xxx


Huge congratulations David and many, many thanks for making me smile with your daily humour, it's like one of those favourite magazine/newspaper columns you immediately thumb to whenever you pick up a new copy!

Lorraine :)


Thanks Lozza you flatterer you. All my jokes are nicked from other places, glad they make you laugh though. They still do me. David


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