No Smoking Day
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Hello, new here


I'm new here. Gave up the ciggies on Friday evening at 6pm. Using nicotine patches (although taking them off at night as they make me have weird dreams!!!) They have also made me feel spaced out, but that seems to have improved. However struggling a bit today, I actually found the weekend fine and didn't even have a craving. But that has changed today and kinda feel like crying. Having an anxiety disorder doesn't help!

Anyway, just wanted to say 'hi'. Hopefully I can do this......

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Hello wobble, you can do this, stay determined. :)


You can indeed do this. Don't wobble, Wobble! This forum is great for the support it gives, it so helps to feel you're not alone.

And it's alright to feel like crap. We all have good and bad days and right at the outset it's never going to be easy. Just take one hour at a time, and you'll come through smiling.

Good luck!




Hi I am new here and this is day 3 of no smoking. I have a empty feeling in my stomach which is really strange.:D


Wobble and Gibble....strange sensations, strange names - says Looper.

:D Hello *waves*

Wanting to cry, odd dreams and empty tummys are all covered here. Have a good mooch around.


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