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my day 3


thanks for my replies on day 2 x glad some1 was listening. lol x

Today has been (dare i say it) easy? i think it was because i was expecting it to be hard that it wasnt that bad.

was anxious before going to my mums house, but i pre-warned her that i had given up and not to ask me whether i would like a cigarette. she was really understanding and i think she only had 2 while i was there and went into a different room.

yesterday was the hardest day so im hoping now my day 3 is nearly over that im over the worst of it.

didnt have many moments of reminding myself that i no longer smoke today, probably helped that i kept myself busy and wasnt bored.

the one thing i have noticed though is that im sweating alot! im hoping its just nicotine leaving my body.

also i havent been to the toilet since i quit, can anyone recommend anything that might help, but not laxatives as i dont want to have to rely on those long term x

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Hello and well done. Um.... prune juice, lots of water and ACAI makes you go so i hear! lol, it would also make a good antioxidant to help with your recovering body and weight loss, us ex smokers gain a pound or two. :p

thanks x i know its an embarassing thing to ask but i didnt want to leave it till i exploded lol x

i keep trying to drink water but im not a great fan so i'll just have to try harder x

day 3 is now over, yippee!!!

It's quite a common thing in the early days, i've seen many posts on this :D and well done keep positive, it gets easier.

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