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A great feeling

Hi All,

So as many of you know, I have decided to get a grip on the fatness developing. Today my fitness DVD arrived, and I did the 20 minute workout, sweating and breathing heavily the whole time - but NO COUGH - not even a little clear your throat cough!! :D:D

This would never have been the case 5 weeks ago, I would have been wheezing, coughing and taking my asthma inhaler - now nothing, in fact I did not even think to have my inhaler near me!

I am really beginning to notice the physical differences in me. The only annoying one is the fact my skin has completely broken out :eek: I am on antibiotics for it anyway, and I think they need a little longer to work, and I don't think the season change is helping. I know a lot of it is to do with the changes in estrogen levels when you quit (smoking causes lower levels, so when you quit it is like before the time of the month so you can break out). However, 3 or so months of crap skin (based on last quit) is worth it.

Plus - if I sweat so much during a pathetic 20 minute workout I suspect my skin will clean out!

Just thought I would share :)

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And here are my stats, I forgot to add them

I have been quit for 1 Month, 3 Days, 18 hours, 3 minutes and 9 seconds (34 days). I have saved £220.67 by not smoking 695 cigarettes. I have saved 2 Days, 9 hours and 55 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 21/10/2010 23:00

Am away for the weekend as going to visit friends, then on holiday from Wednesday next week, but will pop in inbetween :)


Just wanted to add a "Big Well Done You"

Funny how things change when we stop smoking. Anyhow, enjoy your time away and catch up with you soon



Oh what a wonderful feeling :) just awesome!! right on with the exercise :)

I feel it too, used to be I get a bit of "exercised induced astma" or whatever they call it with starting to cough after about 40 minutes hiking, no more, bring it on, I can go for miles and miles without a wheeze, very pleasant.

It really is TOTAL FUN to notice the good things that happen, very nice positive reinforcement.

I also noticed how freaking much energy I have :) and notice how tired everybody else is all the time, so sad.


You make me feel like a real wuss as I still havent got into the exercise as I know I should have done but I think I can blame it on my age but well done you and keep it up your skin will clear very soon and be better than ever.


Well done itsinthegenes - a real achievement!!!

Its great that youre taking control of your life so well. I'm like jamangie, havent really thought bout exercise yet even though pounds are piling on. But might try it now that ive read this and see what benefits of not smoking are already on my general fitness.

Great news about no cough etc!!

Keep us posted!!

Have tried keep fit videos before but am quite shy by nature and my dog, Bailey always sits there looking at me - i swear to god i can see a smirk on her face. Maybe will start taking her on hour long walks on the proviso that she doesnt pull me over on the ice and break my leg. She is a little bitch!!!

Big congrats am proud of you!! x


lol Amy at the idea of your dog there smirking. My son has watched me in rapt fascination both days! He tried to join in on some bits, but also disturbingly lay under me while I did other bits - I was worried I would either collapse on him or break wind on him!

Walking the dog is great exercise. I think it is better to incorporate something into your daily routine that is not a huge change e.g. walking to the shop. I went the DVD route because at the moment am a single mum, and do not have the opportunity to work it in easily in the winter. Hopefully if and when I get back to the US, I will be able to work changes in and leave son with his daddy! He also wants to lose weight so maybe we can do something together....and yes that is said tongue in cheek :eek::eek:;) well we have been on different continents nearly 18 months lol


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