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No idea what is going on, I WAS winning the battle, day 40 for me today. But the past few days have been horrific, I have craves that come on from nowhere, came sooo close to getting ciggies today :-(((( Has anyone else felt like this at this point? Losing faith here!!! :-(((

Longest quit before this was 2 weeks, that was with patches :-S This time was Champix, but it sent me loopy :-S Soooo cold turkey for the past 3 weeks!!!

PLEASE tell me this will ease off :-S

Thanks in advance Krazy me :-D .x

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WOW Karen

What is that all about??

Hang in there girl !!

We are all here and willing you on.

You have gone so long, don't let the nicodemon back into your life.

Thinking of you

Be strong



Hiya Karen

I cannot recall seeing a follow up post to this so I do hope you are OK?

You are doing just fine and the nicomodnster can rear it's ugly head when you least expect it - it is all part of your quitting journey. Just fight off one crave at a time and before you know it, you would have won the war :)

Hang in there and keep strong

Just remember - you have made a choice today and that choice is not to smoke and to take control

Let us know how you are doing



Hey Karen

You OK?


Hey guys :-D

Yeah I am okay, thankyou for replying, other than that not sure what to say :-S Seems the craves are lasting all day. I didn't give in yet though, cos deep down I really don't want to :-((( I just wish it would stop. Makes me wonder if I really want to quit!!!

Grrrrrr I think I have to personality's atm, the one that wants to quit, and the one who wants to smoke, anyone else feel like that?

Cheers Krazy me ..x


Hi Karen,

Yes I am suffering the same feelings, I sometimes just think one will not hurt but so far been fine. I have nothing nearby that is related to smoking and am avoiding situations until I feel strong enough. Every time I do something where normally I would smoke, but don't, I feel a little stronger.

Why not decide on something to buy yourself if you reach x days with the money saved - that way you have something to reach for. I bought my son his xmas present half price, and would not have been able to afford it if I still smoked and would have been stung for full price a day before Christmas!

All thinking of you here :D



So glad it is not just me, I know if I have one, I have to have 20, the only thing holding me back atm :-S

I used to smoke 20 to 30 a day, I have four kids and it has just been half term, maybe that is why it hit me hard :-((( Ohhh and my other half smokes, so I always have ciggies here!!!

Thing is I will sit here and tell you I really want a ciggie, and in 30 mins I shall say I will NEVER smoke again, what is that about :-S

I have wanted a dishwasher for forever, couldn't afford one, BUT now I can 6 weeks non smoking has paid for it, I am ordering it tomorrow ;-D (Very pleased)

Sooo it is where I go from here........................ Here are my stats.......Not smoked 1142 cigs saved £325!!!!

Thank you inthegenes, appreciated!!! *hugs*!!!


There ya go! Just think what you can get for the next 6 weeks!

I have an extortionate credit card bill thanks to my ex (literally it is ALL his debt), and want to pay that off so I can treat the little one (bitterness is paying off his debt and raising our son with nothing from him!) so MUST not smoke. I just need to look at the last statement to realise I cannot have a cigarette (or I need a job OR a wealthy man OR a lottery ticket LOL)


So you are at day 10? How are you finding it? And well done you :-P Love your statement :-D


Finding it ok thank you. Had a rough first few days, then I was fine until Saturday when some mega cravings hit, but luckily I was babysitting at my sisters, so had two boys and one car seat so could not have one!

Since Saturday I have been fine, saw the nurse today and she was happy enough that I am going CT, made an appointment for in two weeks just in case!


You sound all sorted, know where you are going :-P I have the smoking nurse next week, but I was advised not to come off my champix yet, but I did, I may get told off LOL!!!


The poor nurses must wonder why they bother when the prescribe us things to help and we all ignore them!!! Oh well, as long as we all stay quit I guess!


Hi there. I've been quit now for 66 days now and I can tell you (as an ex- 20+ a day for 35 years smoker) it DOES get easier. After the first month I was having bad cravings like yourselves and was ready to go back to the dreaded ciggies as I though it was never going to get better... luckily I stuck it out and now the cravings only appear every 3 or 4 days and usually only for a few seconds - I take a deep breath and exhale slowly which gets rid of the craving.

Cold Turkey was the best way to do it for me. It is harder at first but I think you reap the benefits quicker as you get rid of the nicotine in your system early in the quit rather than putting it off by using patches etc.

I didn't want to use patches, lozengers etc. as I didn't want to go through all the pain and stress of quitting the cigs and then have to go through the pain and stress of quitting nicotine! Saying that, it does work for a lot of people so any method you choose is better than smoking.

I'd also recommend getting the Allen Carr book "Easy way to stop smoking" or better still, the CD's. They explains why we get hooked and how the addiction works, which was something I never really thought about before. I always assumed that smoking was enjoyable and that I was "giving up" a pleasure which is simply not the case. We are brainwashed into believing we enjoy it and that it relieves stress but it's the withdrawal from the previous cigarette that cause the stress in the first place. The only pleasure we get is the relief from the withdrawal and unfortunately think we are getting some kind of pleasure.

Imagine you have loud music blasting into your ear for an hour, then turn the music off. We feel a pleasure in the relief we feel from it stopping but it is not actually a pleasure. Cigarettes work the same way... after a cig the nicotine starts to leave the body and the body starts to feel the discomfort of the withdrawal. We recognise that feeling as an empty, uncomfortable feeling (the loud music). We then have a cigarette to take away that feeling and we think we are experiencing pleasure! Once we finish the cig, the vicious circle starts again.

Anyway, go get the Allen Carr book or CD's as he explains it better :D


wow you are so strong!! I could never ever do this with ciggies around. A cigarette in view, I would totally smoke it!!

Day 23 here.

Can't figure out how you set your sigs :(


Hi Notme

Go into user Cp and then go into settings and options on the left hand side, click on signature and then follow up with what you want.

Dont forget to save it. Hope that helps



it's ok your changing !

the phase of the quit you are at now is a dangerious one for sure ,will power is fading and memorys of the filth are fading too ,also physilogical changes are a foot ,so cellibrate ,beleave in yourself again we all admire you here ,and the healing is going to take time like a bruse or a burn ,DONT LIGHT EVEN ONE x


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