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Day 7- Now going CT~Those champix make my head spin

Hi guys and gals

Well i have thought long and hard about this and feel that those Champix are not agreeing with me. I dont want to go onto any Nico replacements as i dont want my body craving for the stuff so i have taken my last Champix now.

My head spins, the room shakes, i have nearly fallen down the stairs twice, i cant drive my car for the fear of crashing, i feel spaced out and i am supposed to be helping a friend in her shop tomorrow morning but i dont think i can, i can hardly stay withit let along serve customers and there is no way i can get on a ladder without the fear of falling off for crying out loud and guess what the list goes on and on and my OH just said to me that i have quit now and he knows i dont want to go back to being a smoker so its now time for me to stop the CHAMPIX, stay strong and go "CT".

I am half way there if you like as i have stopped smoking and i dont want to go back onto them but i cant handle anymore of those tablets, i am seeing double now too and TBH i think with the help and support of you guys and gals going CT will actually help me more.

So i am asking that you wish me luck, as i have said last tablet taken now and its me going it alone.


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Hey, hope you are doing ok - you know what is best for you so go with what you think. As you know I stopped zyban after a day as did not like how I felt. I had a tough day yesterday, but back on track now and better for it.

Do what you think is best, and we are here for you xx


Hi Genes

Yeah i think i know what i am doing. I def cant keep feeling like this for gods sake. I feel absolutely terrible, i dont feel like me and i just want to get my va va voom back. Im not going back on the ciggies as i have come too far but i know that by going cold turkey i will have to make sure my will power does not faltor, i am waiting on the Allen Carr book and can read that to help me too. I want this to work so much but i feel so spaced out and today i ate properly so its not that, i dont feel like me at all and i just know that those tabs while they helped me quit have messed up my mind and i dont like it, so thats it for those as i cant deal with this horrid feeling anymore, im not in control of my own body now the Champix is and i dont like that one little bit.

I am seeing the Nurse Tuesday morning so we can discuss other things available when i see her as i am staying off of the cigs but thats it i am NOT TAKING CHAMPIX AGAIN.

I have managed 11 days on them and i think thats plenty, i dont know if i will get any side effects coming off of them but thats a chance i will take. I have nico gum here and an in halator if i need a boost and like i said if need be i can go onto patches when i see the nurse but thats Tuesday.

The only way to decribe my head is like someone has it in a vice, i can see double sometimes, i dont think its nico withdrawels but im not waiting to find out thats why im stopping the tablets and see how i go CT. I have you lot to help me and also the Nurse when i need to.

I have covered my shift for tomorrow, my MIL is going to domy morning for me and i will see how i feel on Weds as i am meant to be in Thursday morning too but again i will wait and see as i dont know how my body will cope not having that stuff in my system now.

Anyhow, i will try and get back to my knitting but its not easy as i cant see the stitches properly and so its more of an effort now.

Take care and again Thank you x


Good luck hunny


Remember to take one day at a time hun, you will be fine



Thank you Snow.

I just feel so tierd and i mean ALL OF THE TIME and when i quit last time it was not like this.

I know its not right how i feel and thats why im not going to continue with the tabs. My OH told me to stop taking them now, he has complete faith in me and i know that i can do this whatever else i have to do to stop me going back on them from now on i know im a Non Smoker and there is no going back.

I am just worried how my body will cope coming off of those things. I dont feel depressed or anything just tierd all the time, i have just read some reviews on people who have taken the Champix and some are good reviews and others not so good and the main thing they all mention is the tierdness so i think i am going to have to get these out of my system and hopefully i will start to feel better.

I am also wondering how long it will be before they leave my body as i hate feeling like this, fingers crossed tomorrow morning i will wake feeling brighter and more with it.

I will let ya know how things go.



Hi Guys and Gals

I have been doing a little research into those Champix and found this site, lots of people have felt the same as i do now and so i know im doing the right thing.

Its like anything, how i feel may not affect everyone the same so its each to there own. I would never say dont take them but make sure they are right for you. I have quit whilst taking them and on day 5 but now i cant take the tablets anymore because the main thing is teh excessive tierdness and not feeling like im me anymore but now i have stopped i intend to stay stopped.

Good luck to all though


Near end of Day 7

Well here i am at the end of day 7 nearly and i have learnt today that nicotine is not really an addiction the habit and cravings is from the actual smoking practice. Its weird because i knew for me that it was the habit that i had to break to stop the addiciton.

I am now on scarf no 8 and so far so good. I have not taken the 2nd tablet for the day and im hoping that i can start to feel normal again soon as i truely dont feel like me and i don think that there is enough research into Champix but then again im only one person others may have a totally different experience and be totally fine on them. Its a lesson i have learnt that these are just not for me sadly but they did make me quit and now i have to make sure that i stop those feelings of needing which in turn is JUST A HABIT. :)

Anyhow guys and gals, i will keep ya informed on how things go. I have my Nurse appt tuesday morning but at this stage i dont want any NRT or anything at the mo i need my body to recover from those horrid meds that i have been taking for 11 days.

Tomorrow is the start of week 2 and im not looking back, no way cos i like being a NON SMOKER now.:)

Night Guys xx


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