No Smoking Day
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Day 7-First Week Down-YEY :)

OMG, i really cant beleive that its been a WHOLE week since i had my last ciggy, yep, last Sunday Morning was when i had my last CIG and i have been a Non Smoker for 1 whole week and managed to quit a whole week before my planned quit date.

Talk about chuffed, i am just soooooooooooooooo happy:) with myself, i have a long way still to go but OMG i feel so really really good.

Tomorrow i can start my gabble in the 2nd week of the quitting experiences, that will be so cool too.

Dont get me wrong, its not been an easy week, no way has it been and these Champix things are good but sometimes i do feel a little like im somewhere else, as for the dreams they can be quite amusing esp because they make your dreams more real at least they are not nightmares though.

Im sleeping longer, the thoughts are going gradually, but i never expected them to vanish over night as i had been a smoker for 20 years and it kind of becomes your life. Like i have said before its almost like ciggies are your best friend but they are not and they are a bad in fluence on you so when they start to call again, slam the door in there face, cos they are not welcome here ANYMORE. ;)

Food is starting to taste of other things now to me, i am not sure of the things i used to like as now they taste completely different to me. I have had to stop drinking coffee as its just so :eek:YUK to me now, a can of cherry coke i had last night i could now taste the cherry and to me it was a little strong but maybe over time all these things will calm down. I am also finding it hard wanting to eat, maybe its the unknown i dont know but i will get there. I have not had any chocolate or sweets cravings to substitute the cigs, so thats good, hopefully i wont pile on the pounds unlike my OH who put on someweight bless him when he gave up, but he is also a lorry driver and i think that has not helped his middle either.

Well the clocks went back last night so my time for waking today 7.15am old time 8.15am and my twin boys were sat on the sofa making somemore pom, poms. They are really enjoying there new little gadgets, its keeping them occupied and can see teh end results as they are making them and not me.

I wrapped up all the christmas presents that came yesterday. Me and my eldest done those and then sealed the box the order came in so nosy people wont go looking. I do love Christmas its a great time of year gonna be an even better one this year because i intend to start 2011 as a NON SMOKER. Oh Yes! :)

It will be a quiet day today, i have to stick a label on the front door later asking that NO ONE does the Trick or Treat thing here. My twins used to go to about 3 house but those houses are not there tonight so i said just dress up inside, i dont want to doorbell ringing non stop for about 3hrs so i am putting up my sign and not doing it anymore. I dont know why we do anyhow, when i was a kid my mum would go mad if i went to anyones house asking for sweets etc.

Anyhow guys and gals, enjoy the rest of the weekend, Stay smoke free


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What an achievement!!!

We are all so proud of you.

Through the rough and the smooth, you're still in the groove.



Thank you Garry.

Its nice to have that extra support and its even more special because we are all in the same boat.

We can all do this and we will all watch the time drift by and before you know it we wont really be thinking about it at all.

Again thank you



congrats for completed a whole week without smoke. This ia the first great achievment and i can tell you from my personal experience that if you succeded in quitting for a week that means that you can really quit forever. This can be explained very easily and its because the nicotine is out of your system totally...The only thing left now is the habbit=the movement u do with ur hands when u smoke...and believe me...from the moment u succeded in fooling the nicotine devil, its way easier to just fight a stupid movement habit...Personally im in 3rd month smoke free and i see lot of the benefits like better skin, deep breathing etc...You will see all these great benefits after your 1st month smoke free...So in conclusion as i said you did your first great step that is free your system from the nicotin and all the rest is just up to you...You have no more addictive toxins in your body :)))))))))))


Thank you Ilias

Glad your getting through this addiction too. Heres to another week and saying NO to the NICODEMON. :)



Well done Jo!! Getting to the end of the first week's a major milestone!! Keep strong and focussed and you'll be counting in months before long!

Ed xx


Congrats, have to say your comments on Halloween made me laugh. Having lived int he USA for 4 years - they do it so much better over there. Each city sets a designated time for trick or treating (say 5pm-8pm), then if you want trick or treaters you put a light on your porch and they will come, if not you have no light, and no one bothers you! It is all young kids, with their parents, one of us used to go out with the kids and the other would dress up and had out candy on the porch. Worked so much better than here where it is a free for all for teenagers! One of my friends had a rock put through their window last night :mad::mad:


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