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Rough day

Hi All,

Hope everyone is doing well, sorry not to reply to anyone today, been busy. Actually having a bad day for the first time in a while. The cravings have just crept up on me in a kind of 'well after this I can have a cig' way - it is like I forget I have given up!??? Then I went to a kids party this afternoon where all the adults were smoking, and I am not normally around smokers. Now I am babysitting, and my sister forgot to leave a dummy for her son, so he has been playing up, my son is upset as he wants to go home, I forgot my inhaler and their dog is setting off my asthma, so am beginning to climb the walls!

On the upside, I have two kids here so cannot leave to get a cig! Worried what I would do right now if I had access to one though! Oh well, bed time soon and here is to a better day tomorrow!

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Oh Genes

Stay strong hunni, please please please dont give in cos tomorrow you will feel awful that you did and would kick yourself because you know you dont really want one.

I wish i could help you out someway but i cant. What time is your sister back hun, is it soon.


Keep smiling hun, remember your better than that and have come such a long way.

Take care Hunni, please keep positive and most of all keep smiling :)


Thanks Jo, feeling a bit better now, little one is finally asleep without a dummy, and my one is about to go to bed with me. He is scared of the dark and not very happy in new places, so has been sitting with me and figured one way to get over the mammoth crave is to go to bed!

Sister is back around 1am, so staying overnight, hopefully her little one will stay asleep until then!

Thank you for the thoughts, definitely do not want to throw away my quit, so will keep on, could do with my inhaler though!


Try having a cold glass of water hun, that's meant to help with the cravings. I had those moments last week, when i'd forget that I'd stopped and look forward to the ciggie i was gonna have, and then I'd remember that I'd quit and be so dissapointed!

Hang in there hun xx


Sorry I wasn't on last night to offer support:o

Hang in there genes.

It's really not worth having one, cos it just leads to another, and another!!

Remember, it's your quit, only you can do it.


You're doing great Joanna!! :).

I think the 'I can have a cig now' thinking will take a while to go away. I still find myself automatically leaving extra time for things so I can have one even though I don't smoke any more :D. Just don't act on it!!

Remember that all those little irritations will still be there whether you smoke or not. And if you do smoke I promise you you'll feel much, much worse!!

Deep breaths, sipping cold water, a walk round the block, anything to distract yourself. You *can* do this Joanna, and we're all in this thing together and are here to offer support :).

Ed xx


Thank you all for the support - got through it in the end and feeling much better today. My son is pretty unwell today, so not sure how much I will be about.

Thank you once again


Oh No Hun

Oh Sorry to hear your little boy is not well. Im sending over (((BIG HUGZ))) to you and him and hope he feels better soon.

Stay strong Hun and we will catch up soon.



Thank you all for the support - got through it in the end and feeling much better today. My son is pretty unwell today, so not sure how much I will be about.

Thank you once again

Hey hunny, sorry i wasnt about to offer support xx

So glad you got through it in the end and are feeling much better today :)

We are all going to have these moments ( and gosh how i hate them) but stay strong and i know you are strong and you will be fine.

Sorry to hear little one is not well and i hope he gets better soon



Hi All,

hope everyone is having a good day. Appointment with nurse went well tomorrow, and interview seemed to go ok too (although was asked the dreaded 'overqualified' question!).

My son still has his bad cold, bless him, he is quite disgusting and I think more phlemgy than I have been at any point since quitting! Then on top of that, poor little thing looks like he has chicken pox! Just took him to the pharmacy and they said it is going round and he has red spots on his cheeks. Not having a good week bless him.

He was supposed to be at nursery this afternoon and I was going to go Christmas shopping, guess we will be at home now instead! :(


Typical, so I have the telephone interview for the job I really like on Thursday, and have my 4 year old home with chicken pox! Typical, hopefully they will not hear the groans from him as he is tied up and gagged in the corner to keep quiet!!!! That is a joke, luckily my sister is going to watch him. Am nervous already as I LOVE the sound of this job!


Good luck with the phone interview for the job Genes.

I too am "between assignments" at the moment, but looking.

Your poor little one must be feeling more miserable than his mum.

Hope you both have a great day tomorrow


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