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Day 4 - bring it on!

So glad to be in the day 4-7 bracket now!!!

Stopped with Champix and not to sure it's working for me as day 1 and 2 were hell!! Much worse than when i stopped cold turkey!

Buit day 3 was pretty good, few cravings, taste and smell slowly returning.

Today (day 4) is more of the same, and i'm finding i'm thinking about cigarettes less! A slight sore throat and chest, but due to the really usefull info on here, i sort of know what to expect!

It was really good to find out that the physical need for nicotine has gone after 72 hours. Now i know it's all mental. Strong clear mind needed!

Looking forward to week 2!!!


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Hi Brett

I'm giving up with Champix too and on day 19 of not smoking.... and it's been 100 times easier for me than when I went cold turkey last time!!:D

Although I quit smoking on day 10 of taking the tablets and you are told to choose a quit date of between day 8 and 14, my smoking advisor told me that some people need to keep smoking even as long as for the first month on the tablets as it takes everybody different amounts of time for it to kick in fully. It could be that you quit a little early?

But well done on sticking it out and congratulations on reaching day 4!:)


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