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Help please

Hi guys...

I have just called the GP and my prescription wasn't there...almost week later!!!So I called the stop smoking service and ask them to fax them again.

I know these things happen but I am really really really annoyed!!!

I have some champix left from last time, but only blue ones. I thought I could cut one in half and start with the 0.5 mg today. I really need to get started.

Has anyone had to do this?Is it ok? Please I need some advice.



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Hi Zai

I can sympathise as my GP cocked up my prescription twice in a row :( Personally I'd ring the stop smoking people again and see what they say - I did cut tabs in half when I was weaning myself off them but it was in my system then and I think the effect of some medication can be affected if you disrupt the outer coating. May be best to just hold fire until you get the correct prescription but give them a call anyway :)


Thank you

Thank you so much for your reply.

Ihave called the stop smoking nurse and she already faxed the request to them.

Now I hav just called the GP, thy have the request but they said that the prescription will be ready on Wednesday!!!It's mad!!!

I was really kee to start before I'll be back in Uni for my Masters so I can get used to it again before I hav to start chew some serious work!!!

I am so upset :(



It is upsetting and it feels like the whole process of getting the tablets is designed to be as stressful as possible - I was lucky and ended up using a chemists where the pharmacists had been trained to prescribed it - I just had to go in once a week for a check up and have my CO reading done and they gave me each prescription. Not sure how many chemists have this service - there's only the one in my area.

Wednesday isn't too far away - I know it's frustrating but stay strong :)

Have you asked the stop smoking people about using you old tabs??


Hi Zai,

How did it all work out? Hope you are doing ok, if you need the support we are all here for you. Sending you some PMA and a hug, hope it helps.


Hi guys

Hi guys,

thank you for all your replies. I decided to wait for it and be bit more patient.

At the moment I am so hedgy!!I have not had a good night of sleep for quite a while..I keep waking up.I have decreased the amount of coffee as I know I drink too much of it, but it seems to make no difference...

Is it possible that the ciggies are responsible?In the past couple of years I have troubled sleep and I am trying to understand what the cause is.I am always so agitated and nervous!!I hope quitting smoking will take care of it!




Hi Zai

Seems you have been stopping and starting as much as me :)

my prescription is:

Allen Carr 'EASYWAY' (read it over and over untill it sank in)

Allen Carr 'ONLYWAY' (reading it now)

Max Kirsten (Quit Smoking)

Andrew Johnson Hypnotherapy (Success)

promise it works


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