No Smoking Day
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Hello strangers!

Hi All,

Just a quick one while no-ones looking!!

Still here, still not smoking - lost count of days, can't find the quit counter that doesn't block me! Nearly 3 months though - a quarter of a year soon, bloody hell, never thought I'd say that in my lifetime!! :D

Hope everyone is doing well - I have been thinking about smoking this week, but came off the champix last week, so it could relate to that.

Not gonna have a cigarette though, that's a mugs game!!

Take care all, will try and get on a bit more often in future



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Hi Beccy, well done, it is a great feeling when you lose track of day, it seems to mean that you have become a non smoker, and by the sounds of it a happy one too.

We would love to see more of you, and if you do have any struggles you know where we are.


Hi Beccyboo,

Nice to hear from you & well done you. It's such a fantastic feeling quiting that just grows & grows the longer we are quit. Am quite bursting with it myself today LOL.

Gaynor x


Hi Beccy,

I was going so well, untill Monday, when i got back from a gliding comp in Germany. On Thursday of last week a friend of mine crashed my glider into some poor souls garden, it was in the news and the national press. When i got back on monday and saw the damage, a complete right off! I was gutted and went on the piss! when i came too, i found i was a smoker again, no, it did'nt help but i am still smoking and feel even worse!! But no one was injured and that is all that really matters. I will have to start from the begining again:o shit happens, I'm so glad that your still going strong, keep it up.




Oh poo.

Shit Mark, sorry to hear about that, must have been awful for you. I remember seeing something about that on the online Daily Mail one day last week.

Sorry to hear also that you are smoking again but in all honesty can't really blame you for that after what's happened. All I can say is just come back when you're ready I suppose!

Take care, and be careful in the sky too.:o




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