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11 days!!!

Hiya all...

Just wanted to share the news that i'm now 11 days totally and utterly smoke freeeeeee!!!! I even stopped taking Champix 8 days ago because I felt so sick after 9 think im kind of going cold turkey!

AND i've taken (and failed:mad:) a driving test during these 11 days and still not cracked.

I would be lying if I said that i felt a million times better but i do feel much more in control and in a positive frame of mind to make some more changes (ie thinking about potentially maybe going to The Gym :S )

Could do with some ideas on food I can eat to help the cravings that dont contain a stupid amount of calories/ sugar?

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Hi Laura, sounds like your CT to me, so a huge well done to you. Don't worry about your driving test I took mine, more than once!! and now drive a huge monster of a car and love it, so your time will come.

Stay with the positive, do lots of reading of the links and other posts. Going to the gym is a great idea (it always just stayed as an idea for me!)

As for eating, don't worry too much about it, try and stick to the healthy options but chocolate is not as bad for you as smoking so if you want chocolate girl, go for it.

Well done, stay strong, your worth it and remember that.


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