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Mostly sunshine and roses

Or at least tulips and dandelions around here... I am a day over two calendar months, so I guess I should be here (or in month 2? it's confusing). Anyway, most of the time it has been easy. I've been on Champix, which was really great at first, and I think pretty good for me even now. I've cut down to one pill a day though, mostly because I keep forgetting to take it at night.

Mostly I have had trouble while drinking. The two slips I had, were while drinking. Most recently, I met up with my soon to be ex husband, who is a smoker. I hadn't seen him since I quit, and there is still a great deal of stress and pain surrounding seeing him. We sat outside at the pub (first mistake, it really was only so he could smoke), and I drank more than I intended (second mistake). Then after several hours of feeling like shit and eyeing his rollup, I grabbed it and took a puff. Yuck. Not nice, and since I'm on the champix still, did nothing for me. It's funny, I knew it would do nothing, knew it was a bad idea, but still found it impossible to resist.

So, out of this I have learned...... not to meet up with my soon to be ex husband :) Or, if I do, it's inside and he has to suffer!

Yeah, besides that though, the days and nights are good. Here's to a bbq summer!

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Hi AJ well at least you learnt something about your X he was unkind to make you sit and watch him smoke outside when he knows you have quit, but at least you didnt like it so thats the bonus and you have possibly learnt that its not good too see him till you are stronger with the quit and with him.

But even so you are doing really well and should still be proud of yourself no matter what, just remember though that the one little puff could easily lead to twenty a day so be very careful what you are puffing on as he will not care if you smoke again, the nicodemon I mean

take care xx


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