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should I swap to champix

Answers on a postcard please!........

Am on day 22 using patches, but am becoming increasingly worried about coming off them eventually and know I am still addicted:mad:

Has anyone swapped to Champix during their quit? I know I'm not ready to do this on my own, and I still get mad cravings so don't trust myself cold turkey.

Am I thinkg about this too much???????;)

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Oh hunny,... congrats on day 22!!!

You have come so far... well done :)

As far as i know if champix is the same as zyban... you start taking the tablets while still smoking then about 10 days after stop.

I personally think that you wouldnt benefit from swapping, not when you have done so well hun.

I think the same as you about the patches!!But i have been following what Jase said about doing the patches correctly step by step in the weeks that they tell you to.

I do worry about becomming addicted to the patches... but id prefer to be a non smoker with patches then go back to having that fatal puff again.

comming off the patches is a long way off for you yet hunny.. think one day at a time and not to weeks ahead, this thinking has helped me a lot



thanks snow.....I suppose I'm just looking for an easy way out but I guess there really isn't one?:D What ever way we choose to stop we are still gonna have good and bad days - I just want to flick a switch and stop thinking about them, do you know what I mean?:(


oh yes i know exactly what you mean hun!!

Im up and down like a yo yo... but least we know it will get easier from what everyone says on here.




thanks hun, it's funny how the support on here can make you feel so much better - I suppose it's because we can all relate to each other.

I know 22 days is a good achievement, but I just really want to smoke today....won't tho:D

Hope you're having a good day xx


I think this place is blooming great... i am even trying to get hubby to join :D

lol i have been too busy today to even think about it... the past few days was hell and i so would have had one, but didnt give in whoop whoop.

3 weeks today for me xx


Hi Vic, I am not in a position to comment on any form of quit other than CT but if you have got to 22 days then you are amazing and I would say if its not broken dont fix it, I think by the time you come off the patches its about 12 weeks (correct me if Im wrong only going on friends usage and yes I do have one or two LOL) you will be so much better and will be over all the bad bits and then you will have been weened down to very little and want even worry about it.

I hope you use this site as much as possible as it will sustain your quit and it will give you purpose, also there are so many that come on in their first few days who need advice and support and you having been there you can share your quit with them and believe me it does help.

So good luck in your quit and remember we are all on the same course to smoke free.


Very good Chris :D

Vicstar, I would say start to trim your patches down a little every day as well if you are worried about stopping them. It really is ok so please try not to worry too much about it.

I wouldn't think your GP would precribe champix at this stage anyway but maybe I am wrong.

You are doing brilliantly, hang on in there :D

Gaynor x


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