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Advice for new quitters

Hi all,

I thought I might offer some advice for people starting their new year quits. I hope it helps:

Firstly, it is do-able by anyone, and you can live without the smokes. Take it from an ex used to love smoking person. That sounds like all of us eh?

Ok, down to business. The first few days will be hard, really hard. There will be times when your climbing the walls, snapping at those around you, arguing over the slightest thing, but this will all pass with time. The plain fact is though, if you reach for a smoke, your'll be back on them.

The first 3 days are the hardest, crack those, and your've pretty much cracked it. It is all uphill after that, although you will still get cravings now and again, remember though, if you have a single puff/smoke, you will be back on it in now time.

When your feeling sorry for yourself, spare a though for those heroin addicts whos pain and suffering on a quit is 100x stronger and worse than anything you will feel on your nicotine quit, and we all expect those junkies to be able to quit right? So you can easily do it then, after all, your better than a junkie right?

It might also be worth thinking about those Alcoholics who can never ever have another drink. Poor souls I used to think, fancy not ever being able to have another drink, but were the same really. Can any of you smoke socially? Thought not, so admit that you have an addiction problem, then you realise that you can't ever ever have another smoke.

Another thing worth looking at is some of the links of Margs signature. I found reading about amputations and lung cancer quite helpful.

Also, observe and laugh at those poor souls who even in wind, rain, freezing cold weather are standing outside pubs and other buildings having their quick fix of nicotine and be glad that your not one of them!

I personally found for those moments when your about to crack, sucking on an electronic ciggie helped, minus the nicotine cartridge inside, but I also found solice sucking on a pen, pencil and even my finger when needed. After all, we've been turning to our fags for years when things go wrong like a baby turns to a dummy when their upset? Thankfully I no longer need to do that.

Its important to realise that this is your best chance of quitting right now, if you give in and go an buy a packet of fags, i'll see you back on the forum in 6 months, because we all know where that leads: "oh, i'll give up tomorrow, oh, i'll just smoke this packet up even though I will have finished them by lunchtime and start my quit at lunchtime". Yea, right.

Keep busy. This will help keep your mind wandering in those quiet moments when you have nothing to do. If your at a loss, read something, or get on your keyboard and vent your frustrations here. I used to.

Another help is a reason to quit. Lets face it, some people have half hearted quit attempts. I think you have to be pretty serious about quitting if you want to suceed. Why not try the couch to 5k program? Google it and see what you think. It will also help with them extra lbs that may or maynot come.

I wish you all well and hope you do well in your quits. Just remember though that ultimately you and you alone make the decision whether you smoke or not, and it will be down to you if you suceed or fail.


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Thanks paul a very good read and very good advice:D

im on day 2 today and this time determind to kick this addiction once and for all! .


Apparently I'm at my most argumentative at the moment.

I don't believe a word of it!

*chews arm off*



a good honest post,which makes you think!



Great post Paul - good to see that someone can tell it like it is.

I'm an addict. I hate the *&^$%ing things, but I spent 40+ years of my life giving in to their every whim.... now I don't. The first 2/3 days were the toughest (but alos oddly exciting), and after that - it becomes manageable.

To anyone thinking of quiting -just try it - you may actually suprise yourself!


Well said Paul

Also for all you new quitters - see Junkie Thinking


Brilliant advice and info for new quitters, especially the fact that this is an ddiction, you cannot be a 'social' smoker, the same as an alcaholic cannot have 'just one' social drink. If we can get that into our heads we're more than half way there.


Thanks for the replies. I hope it helps. Those are the thoughts I repeated to myself in those tough early months. I prefer a bit of tough love to softly softly myself.

Hang in there guys, I promise you it gets easier!



did you say couch to 5k`s :eek::eek:

i was thinking sofa to kitchen make a milky coffee grab some hob nobs and back to sofa :D :D


Great post Paul. thanks x


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