No Smoking Day
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25 days

Well im soooooooo pleased with myself 25 days today without even a puff i feel quite chuffed with myself,and last night i went to weigh watchers and lost 2lb so that is are you ready for this 19lbs i lost in 5 weeks and with packing u smoking that takes some will power,but that is me all over i get something in my mind and i will put 100% into it so i succeed :)

Also my o/h smokes but has to go outside,and not a very supportive one so i give myself a big tap on the back cause i think im doing great.

I dont really think about it much other than like now just got home after a hard day and fancy one but NO i wont i try to do bits around the house.My o/h has gone away to Germany today till sunday so im going to have a bit of meeeee time :)

Good to hear you are doing well Dave :)

LOL whoops i put 25 but its 15days LOL

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excellent well done you, you deserve the meeee time. Enjoy it :)


FANTASTIC and to lose weight too. Proud of you


Hi Kay :D

25 days that's great and losing weight at the same time keep going you'll need a lovely new dress for Christmas at this rate

You should be very proud of yourself


Marg xx


Hi Kay

Sorry not been around much. Sooooooooooo pleased to see your doing so well hunnie. That means your on week three already you will soon be counting in months.xxxxxx


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