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Day 101

Whoops! I meant to write a post to celebrate reaching 100 tobacco free days but I forgot to yesterday! I guess that means I'm doing ok as it wasn't even on my mind enough to remember.

So day 101 here I am. I wouldn't say I'm totally out of the woods as yet, as I still carry around my inhalator and use it sometimes (stressful moments, after a few drinks etc). I'm down to one cartridge a day and I decided, hell it's not affecting my health in a bad way like cigs did so I'm not going to worry about it, I'll just chill and hopefully forget to carry it around sooner or later hehe

Hope everyone else is doing ok and had a nice smoke free halloween!


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Hi Writerchris :D

WOW 101 days that's great well done you I really think you have this sussed now

If having the inhalator on standby helps why not, you'll ditch in time when you're ready and that's the important thing you being ready after all we're all different in how long we need some support from whatever we used to help us quit


Marg xx



Awesome job on 100 days, done :) Bet you feel really good on that many days done now :)

Dont' worry bout that inhilator just yet though.. its far better you toot on that than grab a loose foolish smoke off someone .. and there is a massive sea of difference between those two extremes. The main thing is you do not succumb to the other temptation.

SO WELL DONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heres to the coming months ahead and a nice smoke free christmas!!!!!!


Great News


Congratulations WriterChris on the big 100 :) (102 days now)

I remember you starting out on your quit and the 100 days plus seems to have flown by.

You wont have to be stood out in this horrible wet & windy north east weather we are having just to get your fix.


Big Well Done Chris your 101 days are great.

Good luck for your next 100.



aw thanks so much to you all for your congrats - it means a lot and I'm sooo happy to be smoke free hehe!



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