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No Smoking Day
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still here and vaguely fit !!!!

Hi people

well done to those who made week 3.


I got back from centre parcs this morning and i feel GREAT went for run every day and swimming etc etc .... At one point i thought i heard my body say " I thought you had given up all this silliness " lol

Not smoking just wasnt an issue i think i saw 3 people smoking all week, If anything i was tempted to stop taking the champix. I decided to carry on as its still ONLY 3 weeks.

This brings me to another point..I know the course is 12 weeks but what happens after that? my doc didnt tell me that far ahead

Anyway once again well done to all for making it this far only 1 week to go to make A MONTH !!!...who would have thought it lol

Hang in there


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Hi Jack :D

well done on 2 weeks smoke free keep it going

Don't worry about coming off Champix just yet

I stopped mine after 8 weeks of it 7 weeks smoke free as I kepy forgetting to take it

I didn't have a problem and never wanted to smoke at all


Marg xxx


Well done Jack, pats on the back all round, haven't we done well.

I think coming off Champix will be much the same as starting....we will all be different....but I've not heard of anyone haveing massive problems stopping so I am not going to worry about it.

Glad you had a good holiday and are still with us...

1 month is just around the corner. :)


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