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My Third day

Day three!! I'm surprised and delighted at myself. When I started my quit I'd have put the odds of me lasting this long at way less than 50% - two things have kept me going, Champix and this website – massive thankyou to all of you.

Today is going ok so far. Thinking less about the ciggies than the last couple of days. I think I'm getting some reaction to the Champix finally, but I'm more than ok with that. I've also started telling people at work I've quit – well the guy whos about 3 weeks ahead of me on Champix too. Now I've got a quit-buddy instead of my old smoking-buddies. I'm starting to be cautiously positive about this.

Kay - how're you doing this morning?


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Hi Dave,

I was wondering when you'd pop into Day 3. Well done, it does get easier as you break the habit of having a cigarette. The Champix does the addiction thing for you, but you've still got to do the habit thing. For me it was good to get over the 'firsts', eg first time in a pub without a cigarette, first time at a dinner party without a cigarette, first long drive without a cigarette etc

Well done,




Thanks for saying hello, makes me feel I belong. Thought I'd wait till this time so I'd know how I was feeling today before I said anything, even though I was really keen to get here and say "Day Three!!!! Look at me - 3 days without a ciggy!!!".



Well done Dave, you really do need to be proud of yourself, the first few days are hard, but once they're done it'll be worth it.


Well done Dave, these days are special really as they cement the quit, keep going a day at a time and you will be surprised how quickly the time passes.

You could read some info from our signatures, it helps to understand the nicotine addiction, knowledge definitely helps us on our journey.

Good luck.



Hi Dave :D

3 days is great keep it up am pleased to here the champix has kicked in now




Well done Dave

Im doing well thanks still going strong and intend to keep going,soon be our day 4 Dave

well done Dave your doing great

It is hard more so when i have been to work then got in the car omg i really wanted a FAG but i didnt i had some weight watchers sweets and it took it away.

keep the good work up Dave

Day 4 tom for us x




Really pleased to read your post, exactly what I needed right now. Got to say I've had a bad evening and thought about buying just 10 but haven't. Tough evening but I've held on. Lots of sips of water and finding little things to do. I very twitchy tonight, but my OH has been a star and hasn't bitten to my sour mood - off to bed soon and then I'll see you on day 4.

And before I forget, thanks also to everyone else - Champix is great, but this site is really making a difference to me...... that's why I'm here at this hour on a Friday night (I must get a life)

Day 4 here I come.......




Have to say welcome firstly 'cos I've not posted to you before. Day good is that? Excellent that you didn't succumb, but I'd have thought that would be really difficult....don't really understand the Champix quit if truth be known.

There's lots of good advise from others who've posted on your thread. These can be testing days but they will pass. And you'll look back thinking that the Friday night wasn't was spent not smoking.

Keep on keepin' on,



Well done Dave

Well done you are a day infront of me I have just started my 3rd day, for me my 2nd was absolute hell, never want to go there again.

Keep going Dave Im behind you as well but we can do this.



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