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Here I am in Day 2!!

Hi everyone :)

Here I am in day 2 and I feel rather proud. I know I shouldn't as it is only very early days but just to get past that first day feels like such an acheivement!

I woke up this morning with such as sore throat though and as thirsty as hell. I read somewhere that this can happen when quitting smoking but don't know if it happens this early on? Don't get me wrong I'd rather have a sore throat for a few days rather than smoke :D but just wondered what others have experienced?

I took the champix afer breakfast and no sicky feeling - great!

Hope you all have a good smokefree day today

Take care

Tinkerbell xx

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Of course you should feel proud on two days without smoking, I found the first 3 days the hardest so your nearly there. You seem to be in a good state of mind so stay there and keep being proud you deserve all the pride in the world. Well done


Hi Tinkerbell

Yes, you should be proud. The first few days are the hardest as not only have you got the nicotine addiction to cope with, you've got the feeling that you've turned into some sort of alien being without a cigarette in your hand. It passes very quickly. Get the first three days over with and it's much easier - and already you seem to be well on your way.

Stay positive, post often



Yes you should be proud! Day one was the worst for me strangely! Think it was something to do with my husband supposed to be quitting on the same day then welching on the deal! Well done! You'll find there are some weird symptoms on the quit smoking road you'll have to deal with yet!!


2 days is fantastic

Keep going you will get there.


Enjoy every minute of it and be as proud as you can be, you deserve all of it.

Wishing you good luck on your journey.



Hi Tinkerbell :D

Well done on day 2 you're doing just fine

You have every right to be proud getting to day 2 is good and everyday smoke free is a day to be proud of keep it going




Hi Tinkerbell

Day 2 already, well done.

The days clock up quickly on here, see you in day 3 tomorrow.

Stay strong....xx


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