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Day 7 - made it!

I'll be moving into a new section of posts tomorrow - whoo hoo.

Don't feel great today at all :( I have been feeling so tired all week, completely drained and i've been in bed by 9pm every night which is really unusual for me.

Wanted to ask the champix ladies a question (shut your ears boys). When it was "that" time of the month, did you seem to suffer anymore than normal?

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Hi Carol

I had a bad day 7 too and I also felt really tired all the time for the first month of taking champix (but at least if your asleep your not smoking) as for periods it must affect them as I havent had one since being on Champix but other things that have happened to me may also have affected me.

The main thing is that you have done 7 days without smoking and you are still alive so be strong and carry on and a big well done, it will get better


Hi Carol

Yes, there have been reported incidents of irregular menstruation while taking Champix. I don't know if it is meant to be better, worse or just different. I haven't read anything that seemed to be severe, just irregular, eg changing in timing of cycle.

If you are concerned, I'd mention it to your GP next appointment.



Hi Carol

Well done on a week....congratulations.

Cant help with the Champix question love...but it definately messes with the old HRT is not working, hot flushes all round this week and I cant sleep in the same bed as my husband because of them...:mad:

Stay strong and celebrate your week....

L xx


Hi Carol

It's normal to be really tired this early in a quit

Well done on the first week it gets better Promise




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