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just started month 3 of being a non smoker


well i'm here, still occsionally using the nicorette inhalator, but things have been ok, haven't really craved a fag that much...just feeling a bit down.....don't know if it's to do with stopping smoking as i am pleased with myself and will not start again, I have beaten this addiction as i know all the tricks it can pull( have stopped maybe 5 times in the past)

and i know that it is only the first fag you ever enjoy the rest are filled with self hatred and loathing.

My asthma has in the last 2 weeks been a bit worse(it had been non exsistent since quitting) I have been feeling tired and have been eating quite a BIT more.

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I have a feelin that what you are describing is quite common. Might also be affected by the change of the seasons. Folk tend to get this lovely burst of extra energy and happiness in spring summer, then come winter its :(

Glad you are keeping up with the no-smoking thing and your spot on in the way you see it.. the first one .. oh yeah sure.. nice.. for all of about 12 seconds of enjoyment.. then its hell thereafter and kicking yourself all the way.

Keep this up.. even if things don't 'seem' to be fantastic, keep the quit constant.. if you can rely on staying quit thats something!



Hi Bextala :D

Well done getting to the 3rd month tha's great

I think the asthma getting a bit worse again is due to the change of season as could the feeling a bit down and the extra eating

Maybe like me you suffer from a mild form of SAD as the days get shorter I always feel much more tired than usual


Marg xx


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