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Champix? Your thoughts?

Hi Everyone (especially with experience on Champix),

I wondered why I seemed to be wanting a smoke all the time. I'm not supposed to be on Champix and it seems to work that way for others. I know before I quit 6 days ago, I didn't want the smoke and couldn't get past 3 drags.

I was reading the long Champix post with everyone talking about side affects and a lot of people talked about anxiety.

When I say I want a smoke it is a tight feeling in my chest which I then associate with wanting a smoke (like when coming out of a 3.5 hour meeting). So, I'm wondering if I should try cutting my Champix in half like some others have.

BTW, another symptom is that my thoughts are kind of scrambled. I feel like I'm thinking through water, if that makes sense. I can handle this, though.

What do you think of my idea about Champix?

Thanks, Kari

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Hi Kari......I am not an expert and have not had any side effects to speak of...but I was talking to a chap the other day that said he felt like he was thinking through water.....he was gunna give it a few more days and if it didnt clear up was going see his doctor.

As for the tight feeling in your chest....I had that for a few almost hollow something was went away.....thank the lord:D. Hope this helps a bit...I'm sure others may have more idea than me....good luck...Kez.


Thanks Ellie,

Yes, that kind of hollow feeling, and and air head feeling as well. I've decided to cut the evening one in half and see if that is any better. I know the Champix is helping A LOT!!!!! :D



Hi Kari :D

The way you feel just now with the tight chest and scrambled thoughts is normal and happens to a lot of whatever we use to help us quit

It will pass though before to long just hang in there

I also used champix and felt as you do for a couple of weeks but then it disappeared for good

If you're not getting side effects from champix I don't really think you need to cut them down but if you feel you can cope with a lower dose give it a try you can always go back to the full dose if you need to


Marg xxxxxx


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