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Champix - Day 13 - Not Yet Working :(

Hi All - I wondered if someone could assist - I'm on day 13 of champix - taken properly right through and lucky me I have had no side effects. However, this is day 13 and fags also not affected as yet either. Perhaps my dopamine (or whatever it is) was zilch anyway?! I was looking forward to not wanting a fag, or them starting to not give any effect but nothing as yet.

I am supposed, obviously, to have stopped by day 14 although my cessation advisor says there are a couple of days grace in there if necessary - she reckons just pick a date now and the champix will help.

I AM going to choose a date - but has anyone had this experience??

Thanks for any info - I'm worried now about stopping :(


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Hi Rach.

Do not worry, there is nothing to fear.

Are you not looking forward to stopping? I looked forward to stopping for 24 years and finally got around to it 21 months ago today:D

I cannot comment on champix as I did not use it but I do not think that you will magically lose all desire to smoke.

Most successful quitters will educate themselves.

Once you discover the real reasons you smoke it becomes far far easier to cease.

Read the links in my sig, or the book mentioned there.(I stopped after reading it)

You have nothing to lose and so so much to gain

All the best


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