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Help ... not doing well

I guess I'm back at day 1 every day. :(

I've managed to bum 3 or 4 puffs from my husband every day and that's with the Champix.

I do OK when I get up (except today), and then sometime in early afternoon or evening it hits me. I get extreme tension, irritability, impatience and a feeling as if I'm imprisoned in my body, thus the "fight or flight" sets in. I don't know what causes it but I become beside myself and that's when I bum a drag (I get him to light a smoke for me).

I won't tell you my story as it's long. Suffice it to say I'm recovering from triple pneumonia (Type A viral, H1N1 viral and bacterial). :eek:

I finally went back to work again two weeks ago but I am still under a spe******ts care as I have a partially collapsed lung (small part) and the pneumonia still shows on my x-ray although I'm not actively ill anymore. I did lose a lot of weight (coming back fast) and a lot of strength though.

Which brings me to my quitting issue. When I have a craving I don't have the energy to burn it off by walking or other excercise. Gaaaahhhh! And as you can tell from the above, I HAVE to quit smoking. :mad:

Thanks for any advice / thoughts you may share. :)

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BTW, I'm Kari



I honestly feel underqualified and underexperienced to correctly answer, i really do. The thing is, if i told folk i was quitting for health reasons, my reasons would only go as far as what smoking has caused health wise for me. You however have endured quite a bit more and have injury to your lung(s) of which i have no clue about how severe this affects you.

All I can really say though is that so far from what i've read of your posts, your husband is giving into your persuasion a little too easily. I know it gets tough for you, but your husband must not be part of the reason you are failing to keep this up. Tell him straight, that even if you threaten to go crash his car, burn all his ties.. dig up all his flowerbeds.. anything.. that he must not cave in and give you what you want.. the puffs on the smokes.

I aint gonna tell you off.. nor would i want to seem like i'm being heavy n stuff.. but please please please.. start taking very active steps to get rid of the temptations to smoke that are currently there, and I don't need to tell you how this affects your current health either. The main problem at the moment is that 1 puff of any cigarette right now is still feeding the demon/monster that some of us nickname the addiction, and the problem with feeding it, is the demand it asks for grows and it becomes more and more difficult to maintain your quit attempt.

I know its tough, god knows i do, but i would truly love now to see you say.. 'you know? i've done this!!!!'

Please try harder ((( Kari ))) <<---------- thems hugs but not too tight :)


Hi Kari,

welcome to the forum! I am sorry for the health concerns you are experiencing and I understand your desire to quit! What I hear though is "I have to quit but I have to give up something special'??? I may be wrong? Quitting smoking is such a crazy mind game..... if you think you are giving up something, you'll miss it..... you'll get miserable and before long you'll take a puff..... have done it myself many a time!

I understand your need to quit and I suggest to read up about your addiction as much as possible to get into the right frame of mind..... the one in which you truly want to get off fags....... when you realize you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, your struggles will lessen..... regardless, the first few days/weeks may be tough and you just have to push through them..... I remember I cried and was miserable for close to a month..... I got through it because I wanted it, not because I felt I 'had to do it'.

I hope this makes sense.... take care and don't lose faith! You can do it with the right frame of mind!



I can only mirror the replies. It sounds like you 'have to give up'. And as all addicts to smoking know, if someone or something forces to to quit you will push against it. Read Allan Carr, he has some good theories about this. You can do it, but you need to want to for yourself, not for your doctors or your lungs but because you want to be free. I have arthritis and have been unable to exercise my cravings away, but there are ways and means of dealing with them. Education and an understanding that you are giving nothing up will help.

Good luck and keep us posted. xx


Hi Kari :D

I'm sorry to hear that you end up back at day one every day through having a few puffs of your husbands fag

With your health problems as well this isn't good but I get the impression that if not for that you'd still be smoking your normal amount but I may be wrong about this

I think you need to try and get rid of the feeling that you're depriving yourself of a pleasure to do this read read and then read some more

Click on the links in lots of our signatures they really do help

To help you why not when you feel strong tell your Hubby not to give you a puff no matter what he's really not helping at all by doing this it's only making it harder for you

Is it possible for hubby to smoke outside or at least not around you [if he doesn't already] that would help as well

When you get a crave as you can't go for a walk or whatever drinking water helps and also coming on here to post or read and there's always someone around to help you

Sorry if this sounds a bit harsh it's not meant to




Yeah, I did a lot of thinking about this yesterday, while allowing a few more puffs and decided that I had not committed to the decision. The illness was so sudden and I was told right away that I had to quit and I've had that in my head and been dragging my heels all the way.:rolleyes:

The reality is that I DO want to quit for myself, not just my health but for numerous reasons. Right now the biggest reason is my pride ... I told everyone my intentions ... LOL!!! :D

Seriously, I do have many reasons and the most important reason is my health. I have asthma :(. Isn't that good enough? But then there is the fact that I have no sense of smell; I have to stand outside to smoke in -40° Celsius weather :eek:, etc, etc.

So, thanks for the feedback and I heartily agree. I have a new resolve today. This is day 1.

Wish me luck


Thanks, Kari


Excellent attitude, Kari and welcome to your day 1. You'll get challenged along the way..... just come on here if and when that happens..... post, support others, have a rant, and read, read, read to maintain your resolve as it can be easy to fall back into the 'I want one, I miss them' way of thinking..... stay strong and remember you have support on here! Never take a puff before posting and waiting for at least 5 responses..... this has helped many ;)



the hospital near where i live has a foyer at the front, and when i was at the hospital while my daughter was being born (2 years ago), the foyer had more patients with drips and trolleys etc, out the front disobeying doctors orders than you could believe.

Thats the problem with addictions, they stop you seeing sense while you listen to the lies and believing the illusions, its that sick an addiction.

Break the chains, see the truth.. and take control of your life again.

There is no shame, no hurt pride.. just decision.. make the right decision and stick to it .. ask for help when you want it and don't be shy about it either. Everyone has to start somewhere, and you won't be the first to hit a false start.

Good luck.



Good girl!! Glad to have you on board. Me and bella were both olympic smokers. Now both of us are 6 months quit. This forum will provide good support xx


Me and bella were both olympic smokers.

Yup.... and I took the Gold!!! :D


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