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Do you come here often ? I hope not !!!!

Posted this in Day 1 as well as I guess thats where I am heading back to !1 Also hope some people who sign up and have never tried to quit may read about my demeanour !

I am so disappointed in myself - I have fallen !! Started on Day 6 really in my head and finally on Day 8 evening I succumbed - now I really annoyed as I assume I have to start all over again and go through the same level of withdrawal symptoms as I had last time ( or will the fact that the nicotine level is still relatively low help a little ? ) - which for the first 4 or 5 days were ghastly. On top of that it is really weird - I had no sleeping problems whatsoever before I quit or indeed fortunately while I was stopped for the eight days - since I took up the pernicious weed 2 days ago I have been waking up at 3 in the morning and unable to sleep from then - is this my poor old body saying hell you took it away - just getting used to no nicotine - and wham you have just chucked some at me and the adrenalin it is causing is stopping me sleeping ? Bad enough not being able to sleep but then lie there churning it over and over in my mind. I have chewed this over and over and I am going to have another go - - have booked myself a few days off and I shall quit again and give myself a few days to come to terms with the initial symptoms of stopping as I find it almost impossible to sit in front of my pc working when my head is all over the place. I am also going to prepare for that by getting some glucose to help with the low blood sugar problem which was pretty severe in my instance.

I wonder if there is anybody out there that would be prepared to be my quitting buddy as I live alone and work from home - could do with someone to help me along - sorry to have let us down and even sorrier to have let myself down !!

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hi hobo sorry to hear about youre slip with the fags.. dont be so hard on yourself, you did well & you can get to where you are again ... in all honestly it will probably be a little easier youre 2nd attempt because you know wot to expect from it, you sound really down with it so to me it seem like you really want to do it .. maybe set yourself another quit date & then try again... the glucose/blood sugar thing im not too sure how to advise on that one? r u diabetic or just feel lethargic when quit? anyway good luck & keep posting x


Hi Kat and thanks for your reply - no to be honest bar the headaches the worst thing when coming off them was the total light headedness - dizzy head - a combination of more oxygen getting through the non - smoke filled arteries !!! and of course very low blood sugar - when you smoke you automatically draw blood sugar from the bodies store - when you quit you have to wait for your body to produce blood sugar - if it is via food it takes half an hour at least - so sweet drinks can help - am going to get some glucose tablets to give it a lift at least to start with - I have to work at my PC all say and just cannot function if giddy headed !! Allegedly the balance sorts itself out as with everything - GIVEN TIME !!! Please stay in touch I am quitting again from Friday and in the meantime keeping my smokes as low as possible !!


Hi ya, Mark and me used glucose tablets the first week of our quit and it really helped :)


Hi Hoboatheart :D

Yeah it all sorts itself out as your body heals from the abuse you gave it while smoking but heal it will it just takes some time OK


Marg xxxxxxxx


Glucose Tablets

Thanks Trendy - I was hoping it might help - asked the pharmacist today and he said Lucozade Energy Tablets are great because they are glucose based - so bought some - drove 10 miles each way to get them in readiness for my 2nd attempt at the end of the week !!!! He also told me I should make sure I eat plenty of carbohydrate - that makes sense as we know marathon runners have pasta parties don't they the night before the race - and I think carbohydrates break down quickly and slow release the sugar for energy - so will build that in as well to help me - bread of course too. I am so pleased you commented and thanks again


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