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50 goddamn days!!!!!

I have done 50 days today..not one little puff of a cigarette. I feel so proud of myself and I am in love with champix. I say I am in love with that drug I feel extremely confident that I dont need it anymore and I dont say that lightly believe me. Fifty whole days just typing it makes me realise how far I have come...If anyone is reading this who is in those horrific first few days please dont give up hope, 3 days in I would have killed someone for a fag, its okay having a drug like champix or NRT but u still need to have the will and desire to give up, if you really want to stop smoking you will. I feel so alive and healthy my acid reflux has eased up and my aches and pains and general wellbeing has improved so much..Never give up giving up it is the best thing you will ever do...

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Hi Bossdean :D

Congratulations on completing 50 days well done you

You've every right to be proud of yourself


Marg xxxxxxxx



well done on hitting the half century.





well done i am on day 3 and facing the horrors today, it gives me a lot of hope to read your post,


Hi Bossdean,

50 days is brilliant, well done. Keep strong and the next 50 will roll by even quicker.:D



Nice job bossdean! 50 days is big.... it's also the time when it starts being relatively easy! Never let your guard down.... you are doing very well!!!


Hi bossdean, 50 days is fantastic! well done and a great post to help anyone starting off their quits!

Keep smiling,



Hi bossdeam, well don you babe. I am almost half way there & looknin g forward to the day when I can say the saem. then you will have hit the century woo hoo Gyanor. xxx


Hi Bossdean,

Well done that is brilliant and yes you should be very proud of yourself. It feels good to reach goals I love it good luck and here is to the next 50 days




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