No Smoking Day
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Hi Peeps - Day One

Hi all, thank you for your support in my last message.

Said I would post if could, both Mr Pupalup and myself had last cig at 11pm last night, cant say that it has been easy today, my stomach has said give me food, but have resisted that temptation (my reason being that have lost 2 stone in weight since christmas and do not want to put it all back on), went for a 35 min walk at lunchtime, and drank green tea (not sure how long will keep that up) and water (that's fine).

Will try to post each day this week, its quite difficult for me to do it any other time as OH finds it very hard to talk about, although he is very positive this time (me as well) have had to be, he said am giving up on monday so I said ok me to, needs to be done together, I think it only encourages the other person to smoke (my opinion) if one of you is smoking (again my opinion).

Anyway, thats all for now, will keep up updated as much as possible. We will succeed.

xxx Pupalup xxxxx

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Well done, keep up the good work.


Cheers Nic.

xxx Pupalup xxxx


Well done on day one hunnie

Congrats to you both just take one day at a time mate baby steps. We are here for you. See you in day two.xxxxxxxx


Hi Mr & Mrs Pupalug :D :D

Well done to you both and you'll be able to support each other as well just take it one day at a time, you'll both get there in the end




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