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Woohoo week three !!!!!

How did I ever manage a night out AND wine without even contemplating going out for a fag !!!!!! I never even considered it even when 2 separate friends offered, one saying oops sorry I forgot you don't smoke and the other saying Don't be boring and just have a couple and she will even BUY me a couple of boxes if I can't afford to buy them (she knows that I was scraping on SSP because of my broken leg and that by me switching places of work this month I am, in effect having a no wage month, which I'm now 17 days into-but managing) and my reply was 'no Idon't want a fag because I don't smoke anymore and besides that one with you now will be 25 per day by Friday so I'l stay at the table while you go outside and get goose bumps in the cold! I was soo proud of myself.

I think I am going to get some sort of delayed reaction somewhere because as i asked in week 1, where are these cravings ? Where is the physical climbing the walls for me ?? Am i being lead into false pretences here ?? Hope not ??

Marg yes you are so so right bout us nurses, we are definately the worst along with the consultants but hey we don't smoke now so we are good !!!

Can't quite believe how I have moved through the weeks on here already Marg, Wowee it's great... Ok gotta get ready for work now so I hope everyon'es good and I hope minnie's day go as well as it can for her and her family.... thinking of you Min xxxx

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Hi Dee Dee :D

Well done you week 3 already that's brilliant also a big well done on having your night out without even thinking about haing a fag in spite of those thoughtless [being polite here] one who really pushed and called you boring and even offered to buy you some [right politeness gone] ignorant pig you have every right to be proud of yourself WAHAY Don't worry about those really strong craves they may never happen I have only had one really bad one so far touch wood Have a good day at work and talk to you later




We are all led to believe that quitting is going to be a painful process ad for some it is, but the physical withdrawal from nicotine is relatively mild it the the psychological withdrawal which is the tricky bit.

The association which we create with smoking can cause a strong desire to smoke when we quit. So effectively quitting is a mind game.

If you ever do get a strong urge to smoke, just be aware that the more importance you give to it and the more you worry about it the more it takes hold (voice of experience :rolleyes:)

Glad you had a great smoke free night.




Not much time just about to go back to work. But read your post and didnt want to read & run. Soooooooooooooooooo proud of you good for you girl for staying strong. week 3 also yor a winner girl.xxxxxx


woohoo week three !!

Thanks thanks thanks and so many more thanks to you 3 and of course to all the others for your support and encouragement and kind words. I am so happy with myself and so proud to be a part of this lovely community still. 15 whole days is just such an achievement I just am soooooooo happy and proud of myself !! I have started my new job which is absolutely brilliant and am so fresh and alive !! Yes Marg I understand exactly where you're coming from and I'm so proud I managed to not feel pressured or 'boring'.

I love this forum so much and just don't know how I'd have managed without it and I just know I have done this and can continue doing it, any hiccups or itches that occur I'l shove them aside and get over them !!



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