No Smoking Day

Day 3? Day 3 of what?

Well yesterday was easy, I ate a lot less than the first day, my appetite started to get back to normal. I even went out for dinner with some friends, was asked to drink, normally I'd say yes on autopilot, but this time I thought about it and sensibly said no as I wasn't feeling strong enough.

The feeling of wanting to smoke didn't even cross my mind for the whole day, I was really tired from the time I woke up til the time I went to bed but slept really well because of it and has to be the first night in ages I've been in bed before 1am.

Today, I woke up feeling tired, but woke up earlier than I have in ages too, not feeling hungry, not grouchy. Everything's getting easier by the minute.

I have 2 days, 11 hours smoke free under my belt, saved my lungs from 3 packs of cigarettes, given myself an extra 4 hours of freetime back into my life and saved myself $2.75 in the process.

Hopefully there are some people on Day 1 or Day 2 reading this like I was a couple of days ago, then you can see that however hard you find it, it does get easier as each hour goes by.

Some people tell you you shouldn't count the hours/days, better to just forget that you were ever a smoker. I disagree, I think you should count, and be proud of every little achievement you make in giving up. When you don't need it anymore you will eventually learn to forget the counting all by yourself.

I've been using a freeware program for the computer which just tells you all the information I write down in my emails, time since giving up, cigarettes not smoked and money saved, without having to work it all out every few minutes.

If you want it, here's the link:

If that doesn't work, use this: cid-14e9f14589e0c376.skydri...

Someone was asking about a hypnosis cd too, I can recommend Susuan Hepburn: Stop Smoking In One Hour, it works if you want it too.

Now I don't have smoking to worry about anymore, need to start working on the 5kg I put on since Day 1 haha, it was well worth it though.

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Lovely Post. Very well done Bob.xxxx


Hi Bob

Well done you and what a good post just hang in there

Good Luck



Well done Bob,

Great work. :)


Aww Bob it's great to know you're still on track, well done:).


Thanks all of you so much.

The hardest part was convincing myself that I could actually do it and wasn't going to look back, once I believed myself the time just flew by.


hi bob stick with it,dont look back just look forword,like you say it gets better as time gos by,,you keep the faith you here now bob and keep:D:D


I like that you say that on every post tony, keep :D:D

Makes it a lot easier when you have a positive attitude, actually that's the only way you can do it.

Yesterday evening I was cooking, someone came to the door, by the time they'd gone, I went back to my cooking and had managed to burn it past the point of being edible (even by my standards) after taking about an hour to prep it all, turned round to chuck it in the bin and smacked my head hard on the corner of a cupboard I'd left open. Normally I'd be really pissed off, only at myself mind, but then I'd reach for the cigarettes.

This time it bloody hurt, but I just walked off for 5 minutes then went back to it. People think smoking helps them reduce stress but it does a terrible job of this and actually makes your ability to cope by yourself much worse.

As for the food, of all the many good things, that's the one thing I don't like about not smoking, now I can taste how bad my cooking really is and I don't want to eat it anymore haha. When you smoke you'll eat anything with a strong flavour, salty, spicy, sour, and think it's good when it actually tastes like s. .


$2.75 for a pack of cigarettes...jesus that is a massive trigger for me...If u lived in the would be paying about $6 for that pack...we pay on average possibly £5 per pack of i did it for financial reasons and health reasons....good job i wasnt born in usa...


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