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Entering week 6

hi boys and girls

i had a great few days away it was lovely to see you stuart hope everyone on site had a lovely xmas

i would like to wish everyone a very happy and smoke free new year

i am just starting week 6 and am feeling great in fact so good i have forgotten to take champix a couple of times so am thinking of cutting them to one a day what do you all think? do it or wait a while

lots of love margaret xxxxx

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Hi Mum, was great to see you too.

You are doing great, I'm so happy for you and proud of you :D

With the Champix, you need to follow your own instincts I think. But if it was me and having accidentally only had 1 a day for a couple of days and felt no different I think I would give it a go and see what happens.

If you do cut down to 1 a day, you can always go back to full dose if you need to. Sounds like you will be fine though.


Well done Margaret,

As Stuart says you can always go back up if you find the need.




Well done Margaret

We must be about the same Im also starting week 6 yesterday. Sorry cant give advice with the champix cos I go Ct. But They are right you can always start taking the second one if you feel the need. Let us know how you go and very good luck. Happy new year to you also. xxxxxxx



Hello and well done on week 6. That has gone really quickly. I started to cut down on the Champix around week 6 myself, I took 2 tablets one day and then 1 the next and alternated it that way. By week 8 I had cut down to half a tablet a day(cut them up) and then week 9 - nothing. I was a bit scared that once I stopped taking the tablets I would suddenly have an urge to smoke - am pleased to say it didn't happen. I have still got some in the cupboard just in case but haven't needed them. Good Luck




Your really doing fab!

Happy New Year:)


hi everyone

thanks for all the help and advice on coming of champix, went to take last nights only to find i forgot the morning one so thats it from now on only taking one a day and see how i feel and guess what? the no smoking nurse has finally decided i should see her after 7 weeks slow or what, she needn't think she can tell me what to do after my previous quit fiasco i shall cintinue to rely on stuart and all you other people who are always there for me

love margaret


Well done, sounds like you have it under control!

Best wishes



hi are doing very does feel good does in it margareth,, im on 7weeks 3 days and i feel so gooddddddd..if you would have told me 7 weeks ago i would not be smoking, i would haved laughted in your face:D but hay like you im skoke free,,how good is that,,so marg you keep the faith all the best tony..go girl go


Well done, Mum. Sounds like it's all going well for you.



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