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week 2

Hi everyone i've made it to week 2, had an awful week last week nothing to do with the fags it was this prolapsed disc i have i had to have more painkillers which ended up giving me an allergic reaction stopped those and couldn'nt stand the pain so ended up in casualty who sent me home with some diazapam. Have to have an operation on the 7th december which i'm terrified about but anything has to better than the way i'm living at the minute and through all this i have very rarely had cravings dont get me wrong i have to keep on the ball as it would be so easy to slip up but i won't allow that to happen i've come this far and wiil stay strong take care claire x

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Good going Claire.

I have had a bad back recently (not in your league) and whether right or wrong I perceived that smoking relaxed the muscles when I had it in the past.

That caused me to think it would be more bearable with a smoke. Of course I didn't act on it but as you say it would be only too easy to slip up if you're not on the ball.

Good luck with the op and keep not smoking.



Hi Claire

Sorry to hear about your bad back. Hope all gose well for the op just think you will be free from the nagging old nic so can relax after your op and get yourself well. Also congrats on your 2 weeks. Linda xxxx


Congratulations, Claire.

Sorry to hear of your bad back, but very well done on getting this far :D


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