No Smoking Day

Champix 2nd time around advice?

Stopped or 9 months, then one moment of madness!! agghhh back to start. back on champix again but got to day 8 and still not put off the ciggies. Previously by day 5 i was smoking less and not enjoyin them but here i am on day 8 two 1mg tabs day and still smoking Am i making excuses? lol and should really just get a grip of it and stop!!!

thoughts folks ??

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Am i making excuses? lol and should really just get a grip of it and stop!!!

thoughts folks ??

I think it might be a bit of the above and a bit of "I know what to expect" from the tablets and you aren't feeling their effects as strongly as before.

I had the same problem with patches when I tried to use them for 2 quits. First time, very effective and the second time... didn't seem to help at all. Same patches - different me.

Maybe you would be better trying a different method? Or maybe you should just stop and see what happens?

By the way, I didn't stop smoking until day 10 of the tablets (the pack says between 7 and 14, and day 10 was a Saturday!) - so it may be worth giving it a couple more days before panicking!

Just a rambling thought, hope it makes sense.


yeah cheers for that goijg for thursday stop ( to be honest i need to just get on with it i guess) cheers again


Zappa, I stopped with the help of Champix, but what KEPT me stopped imo is educating myself on the subject of nicotine and smoking in general.

I suggest you read Alan Carr - even if you have read it before. I personally

had to read his book 2 or 3 times before the penny actually dropped

Follow the links in my sig also. Honestly, the Champix is great for a kickstart, but getting your head in the right place is the key imo.

Have a nice day, and get reading in preparation for tomorrow nd the rest of your life ok? :)


^^ She speaks troof.

No help in the world is gonna get you through if you're not prepared.



I am on the 2nd time around with Champix and on Day 14. Stoped previously for 8 1/2 mths then like you stupidly took 1 cigarette. Hopefully this time I will have the will power to stay stopped. I stopped smoking on Day 9


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