No Smoking Day

Weighting Game

Hi everyone almost another week over for me but god its been hard at times.I still got 10 cigs in my bag unopened and im now doing it cold turkey.Thought i was doing really well,hadnt been picking that much,was eating fruit,. drinking water and juice,but i know something must have happened cos my jeans are getting a bit tight.It just seems all of a sudden i got these huge love handles and a belly starting to grow.Its just a vicious circle.lose the fags gain the weight,have the fags lose the weight.Well i"ve made up my mind which one i want,and if i want to eat a box maltesers while watching Big Brother so what,i can deal with my weight when i get rid of this craving,id much rather be a podgy looking,fresh faced,healthier non smelling non smoker than a skinny,sallow faced,breathless,smoke stinking nicotine addict... And that is my whinge for today!

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You are doing so well so keep it up. I think when you try to do too much at once, e.g give up smoking, lose weight, do exercise, you put to much pressure on yourself and you're most likely to fail and get disappointed.

I Found myself eating a lot of crap in the first week and now the cravings have stopped, it's time to start exercising and then after that I can start eating a lot more healthier.

If I were you, I would take one day at a time and just remember only weight gain is temporary and can be fixed relatively easily! It's much better to be bigger than a smoker!


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