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Hi, everybody ......

I feell the need, like I did one year ago when I quit succesfully first time in my life, smoking.

We are 3 people , a family ,heavy smokers. My father was heavy smoker also and he died from lung cancer some years ago.

I have the major problem: my hands start to turn red. Even if you are not a doc may you have heard what does it means. [Buerger's disease]

Anyway,I stopped smoking at all, year 2007 and the symptoms disappeared.

Coming back in my country where everywhere almost is allowed smoking, I started again. But the symptoms this time arised fulminant (=very fast).

I must stop once more and this time for ever because the occlusion of the arteries kills slowly with numerous amputations, at least cancer kills at once.

At the moment I am in panic. I will try to buy CHANTIX and persuade my family to follow.

Last year I was in a forum and that helped me a lot because I shared my fears and my try with other people.

Thank for all.

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I wish the best of luck in your quit Rey, you sound determined, and thats great! If you need anything, just holler, and someone will be there for ya, all great peeps on this forum :P


Good luck Rey - Try not to panic (easy to say I know) we are all here for you if you need us.


Hi Rey,

There are lots of tips about how to make your quit as easy as possible on here. Lots of water seems to be agreed to be a good thing...Healthy eating ans prepared snacks for when you get an urge to smoke...lots of things.

For me, like you, from what you say, to have somewhere where i can come and share the journey through the detox process is just an amazing benefit and support.

All the best...You CAN do it!!!!!



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