No Smoking Day
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Week 2

Just an update from me ....

I'm still not smoking and have saved about £200. I have put this money in a special savings account and I have no intentions of touching it, no matter what!

Ive been busy working and over the weekend, chocolate and horlicks this week, not good for my weight loss, but oh well i HAD to sample it before I handed it out :D Two more weeks and I'll be busy working almost every day again.

Three more days in here then i'm moving up a room :D

Hope your all doing and keeping well

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Way to go yoyoyo! Great idea re the savings account - chocolate and horlicks are good! Chocolate and chocolate is even better!:D:D:D



Hiya all

Wow the days seem to be rolling by, I am off to the quit shop tomorrow. I hope it goes a bit better than last week.

I am just doing the usual house work today and chilling out in between.

Hope everyone else is doing well


Thats from January and I smoked roll ups so it wasnt as dear as if i had smoked tipped cigs

Hope that helps


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