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No Smoking Day
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day 26? what to do :(

Hi Ladies and Gents,

This is proving to be harder than I first expected, the champix are working wonders for stopping the smoking. I have not had a cigerette since day 3 just couldnt stomache any. I started when I was 14, I am now 38 and the habit grew steady throughout that time until I was on around 30 to 40 a day.

The problem I am facing now is depression and worry, I cant shake it. I wake up fine and withing 4 hours of taking my morning pill it starts. Is there any tricks to combat this please or do I just stop taking the meds ?????

Kind Regards Noel...

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When it comes to your body chemistry only you and your doctor should get involved, everyone else can only have an opinion not based on any facts. Also, while your doctor can read your blood chemistry (and you really can't), only you know how it feels and affects you.

Everyone is different. For me I couldn't focus and it hurt my work and job (focus and concentration is important in my work...I'm a programmer). I also underwent a depression, even though I quit cold turkey and didn't use any drugs.

The most important thing about depression is to recognize it for what it is and deal with it before it gets worse. Also, remember that the cigarettes might (and probably) are only a side issue to the depression.

So, talk to your doctor, but keep on going on with your quit.


Quit #2: October 18, 2007

Method: Cold Turkey and Self-Disgust

Started Smoking #2: November 1997--11 years after quit #1

Quit #1: April 1986

Method: Cold Turkey

Started Smoking #1 1970

Lesson learned: Never, ever smoke another cig, because even after quitting for 11 years you can pick up the habit again as if you had never stopped.


Thanks for the advise, I have an appointment made for the second as a follow up, I will chat with my Doc about this and the sickness.


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