No Smoking Day

Week 3

:) still strong and no cigs despite the holidays and all the parties. Been depressed the first week but seems to be getting better. I haven't been waking up with a tight chest or scratchy throat. I guess because i don't smoke before bed now. Each time i get bored i start thinking of smoking but that passes after 5 minutes of focusing on other things.

the support and all the threads i've been reading have been helpful knowing that other people go through similar situations. anyway......

Happy Holidays to you and your families! :):):)

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Well done SH4myson.

You are on your way.:)

It only gets easier as the weeks pass by.

A very merry xmas to you.

Keep it up.:)


Hey SH4myson, congrats!! good to hear you're doing so great and that you're really starting to see what amazing benefits on the health non smoking has! it's going to be an awesome Xmas for a lot of us this year :)


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